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Luther and the Canon of Scripture

Below are many of the entries I've put together over the years on Luther and the canon of Scripture. This search engine will search just the entries below.



Luther's View of the Canon of Scripture

Luther Added The Word "Alone" To Romans 3:28?

Luther Deleted"Alone" from Romans 3:28?

Debate: Did Martin Luther Mistranslate Romans 3:28?

Dutch Research on Luther and the Bible

Luther's Lies about the Bible?

Luther Added Books to his Bible?

Luther and the Scriptures by J.M. Reu

Called To Communion on Luther's Canon

Father Mitch Pacwa and Luther's Canon

Luther: Is The Church Over Scripture?

"Luther removed books from the Canon" - a few replies

Infuriating Factoids

Luther: The Infallible Church Declared The Contents of Scripture?

The Canon: The Empty Arguments From the Defenders of Rome

A Response To Catholic Apologist Bob Klaus on Luther and Romans 3:28 (Part 1)

Luther's View Of The Canon: Dialog With Malcolm

Luther's Canon: A Response To "Catholic Dude" (Part one)

Luther's Canon: A Response to Catholic Dude (Part Two)

Luther's Canon: A Response To Catholic Dude (part Three)

Luther's Canon: A Response To Catholic Dude (Part Four)

The Evils of Private Interpretation: "There are almost as many sects and beliefs as there are heads"

Steve Ray and Melanchthon on Keeping Books in the New Testament Canon

Luther's Response To, "I Would Not Believe The Gospel Without The Authority of Rome"

Alister McGrath on the Bible Answer Man

"Little about Luther’s celebrated translation may have been original" says Philip Blosser

Luther on the Perspicuity of Scripture

Luther: Sola Scriptura Had a "Devastating Effect"?

Luther: There are almost as many sects and beliefs as there are heads

Luther Plagiarized His Translation of the Bible?

J.M. Reu: Luther's German Bible... now online

Luther Said There Were Errors in the Bible?

Cochlaeus on the Impact of Luther's Bible

Cajetan on the Canon: He's Ok Bcause He's One Of Us


Did Luther Accept the Apocrypha Early in His Career?

Steve Ray Explains Luther and the Apocrypha

Luther's Opinion of the Book of Judith

Luther and the Book of Sirach (Ecclesiasticus)

Why Luther Removed 2 Maccabees from the Bible

Why do some Bibles omit portions of Daniel and Esther? Akin Says: Luther

Daniel's Susanna: Why Isn't it Biblical?

Luther and the Apocrypha Revisited

Luther and Purgatory, Revisited

Catholic Answers: Martin Luther and the Deuterocanonicals

Luther: Of very little worth is the Book of Baruch, whoever the worthy Baruch might be

The Apocrypha and Luther via Catholic Answers

Alert the Catholic Apologists: A Roman Catholic Discovers Luther Held 1 Maccabees To Be Canonical Scripture

Luther, Maccabees, and Purgatory

Michuta, Luther, and Maccabees

Luther, 2 Maccabees & Purgatory....Revisited

Luther: "2 Maccabees has weight with the faithful, but it won't avail against the obstinate"

Some further dialog with Gary Michuta: Luther and Maccabees


Luther: “Job . . . is merely the argument of a fable…”


Luther: "Ecclesiastes ought to have been more complete. There is too much incoherent matter in it..."

Luther: "The history of Jonah is so monstrous that it is absolutely incredible"


Luther: "The book of Esther I toss into the Elbe..."

Luther: "The book of Esther I toss into the Elbe"....Revisited

Luther and Esther Revisited

Luther and Esther (Part 2)

Luther’s Preface To Parts of Esther, 1534

Luther's View of Esther

Tossing Blog Comments into the Elbe, Save One (The Book of Esther)


Luther's "Epistle of Straw" Comment

Luther on the Book of James...Revisted

John Martignoni on Luther and the Book of James

Luther: Citing The Prayer of Manasses & James

My Condolences for the Champion of Catholicism

The Reformers on the Book of James


Martin Yee said...


Wow, this is truly amazing. Looks like Concordia should send you another book. Lutherans are indeed indebted to you.

I like your objective, balanced and unbiased approach to scrutinuse and debunk myths, your clarity of mind, you do not allow emotions to cloud your judgments, and your tenacity to pursue the truth as far down the road as possible.

How about doing the same for the Armninians? Abingdon Press may send you free book too? I recently realised that the Lutherans and Reformed also have lots of unfounded myths about Arminianism which needs to be debunked as well, example that Arminianism is a man-centred and not God-centred theology and so on. Only people like you can do them real justice.

James Swan said...

Thanks for your support Martin.

As to "Arminian" the problem as I see it is that unless someone tells me what they mean by the term, I'm not sure what they mean.

From a Reformed perspective, the term generally means anything having to do with synergism in regard to God's saving work. Perhaps we from the Reformed perspective would be better to simply stick with the terms monergism and synergism, as the term "Arminian" isn't used often even by those I would consider "Arminian."

When a Reformed person sees synergism in salvation, it usually means that somehow man has the final say in his own salvation. That's why they the Reformed state "man-centered" rather than "God-centered" in regard to those they classify as Arminian.

Typically, as I've talked with non-Reformed people that ultimately find man having the final say in salvation, the terms are switched around a bit to make their theology "God-centered." The problem then is defining what is meant by "God-centered" and "man-centered."

Unless terms are carefully defined, such conversations will be fruitless.

Martin Yee said...

Hi James,

Thanks for the note. It is also interesting what Roger Olson has to say at link below