Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Frank the Hippie Pope

This is making its way across the Internet... It's probably a tad disrespectful, but it does reflect in essence what many of us on the other side of the Tiber think of some of the statements from the new pope.


Ken said...

LOL - I thought that was great; good satire; and actually shows how vacuous "infallibility" is.

Michael Schueckler said...

It's a great thing we have a fallible interpreter available to us so we can understand the infallible interpreter of scripture and Tradition. ;)

Anonymous said...

brilliant satire!

PeaceByJesus said...

Back to the old conservatism under Benedict:

As Catholic numbers decline, old church tries new tricks- http://www.larknews.com/archives/415

Cman said...

What Catholic would say: "I believe not in Catholic God. There is no Catholic God." (Scalfari/La Repubblica interview of impostor Bergoglio)?

No Catholic, no Pope; even atheists know that much.

The enemy of human race has his way with you.