Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catholic Borg Explains Theological Flaws to a Protestant Star Fleet Officer

I found this one on the Roman Catholic CARM board:

The posted link to this video was to a site called, but it appears that  the video was taken down. I thought the clip was humorous, but also very telling as to how some Roman Catholics think of themselves. As I've come to understand Rome's zealous followers, they think they are united like like the Borg, but actually are far from it.

I've maintained a series of posts on this blog called Blueprint For Anarchy. These hundred + posts demonstrate the lack of unity within Romanism. To date, I have 105 entries, and I'm not actively looking for content. I simply post stuff I come across. Had I been actively looking for material, I could have a new post every day for this series.

My favorite to date is when a staff apologist from Catholic Answers stated 70% of Roman Catholics do not understand the Eucharist. The irony is that Pope Benedict said, "The Eucharist is like the beating heart that gives life to the whole mystical body of the Church: a social organism entirely founded on the spiritual but concrete link with Christ."

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