Friday, January 08, 2010

Luther: Primary Sources

Here's just a quick follow up to Carrie's post on the new Post-Reformation Digital Library. The section on Luther is excellent. Some the texts are versions released during the 16th century. Helpful pdf links to an organized Google Books D. Martin Luthers Werke (Weimar, 1883-) is also available, as well as other resources:

D. Martin Luthers Werke (Weimar, 1883-)

  • Luthers Vorlesung über den Römerbrief (1515/1516), ed. J. Ficker (Leipzig, 1908)
  • Briefwechsel, ed. E. L. Enders (Frankfurt am Main, 1884-)
  • Opera Latina varii argumenti ad Reformationis historiam imprimis pertinentia, ed. H. Schmidt (Frankfurt, 1865-73)

see also: This link!

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Rev. Paul T. McCain said...

Wow, what a treasure-trove. Thank you, Mr. Swan, for posting this information.