Friday, January 08, 2010

Post Reformation Digital Library

Calvin College has built a new site for indexing the various primary Reformation resources that are available online called the PRDL.

"The Post-Reformation Digital Library, sponsored by the H. Henry Meeter Center for Calvin Studies and the Calvin's Hekman Library, is a bibliography, a “finding list” of links to resources from research libraries, scholarly initiatives and other sources from all over the Web. Organized alphabetically by author names, the PRDL is an A-to-Z (or Abbadie to Zwingli) trove of Reformation scholarship. The linked names of authors take the user to digital versions of their works.

The site is not simply an archive of Reformer’s works, but also those of their influencers. There are links to Reformed, Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Anabaptist, Arminian-Remonstrant, Socinian-Unitarian thinkers as well as secondary sources. The PRDL also links to works of patristic and medieval theologies, early modern philosophy, Bibles, correspondence, creeds and confessions, periodicals and journals, synodical records, university Web sites, reference works, bibliographies and other resources." source

Now, since I can't read Latin or German or any language other than English for that matter, the PRDL really won't be that useful to me. Still, I think it's really cool. I love projects like Google Books, the Internet Archive and Project Gutenberg that put resources at your fingertips that you likely otherwise would never be able to get your hands on. The fact that so many primary sources are available for scholars and others who can read them is really great, and the PRDL makes finding them all a bit easier.


James Swan said...

Very useful...thanks.

Paul Hoffer said...

Hello Carrie, I agree! Thank you for taking the time to do this.

God bless!