Sunday, August 05, 2007

Radio Interview, August 6- "Luther Myths"

Well, I'm headed for my sixteenth minute of fame. I am scheduled to be on Chris Arnzen's Radio show, Iron Sharpens Iron (August 6, 3-4 PM) discussing "Luther Myths." I believe the show will be a live discussion between Chris and I, as well as live callers.

The station is AM 1440, and can only be heard on Long Island, other parts of NYC, and Connecticut. Fortunately, this radio station also live-streams online. Their webpage can be found here. Their Real Player broadcast link is here. They also have a link to Windows Media Player (but I couldn't get it to work). I'll probably get an MP3 of it as well for the blog.
To call in on the air, the number is 1-631-321-WNYG (9694). The topic will be limited to my recent aomin entries on Luther Myths:
Obviously, the subject of Luther and the Reformation is a vast subject. I have never claimed to be an expert, but I will do my best to answer whatever comes up. If you're among my Roman Catholic fans, you also are welcome to call in, but please have a Luther-specific question drawn from the material contained in the links above.
"No slander against Luther has ever gone unanswered. As the charges against Luther have become stereotyped, so the rejoinder cannot hope to bring forward any new facts. But it seems necessary that each generation in the Church Militant be put through the old drills, and learn its fruitful lessons of spiritual adversity. Thus even these polemical exchanges between Catholics and Protestants become blessings in disguise. But they do not affect Luther. The sublime figure of the courageous confessor of Christ that has stood towering in the annals of the Christian Church for four hundred years stands unshaken, silent, and grand, despite the froth that is dashed against its base and the lightning from angry clouds that strikes its top. "[WHT Dau, Luther Examined and Reexamined (St. Louis, Mo. Concordia Publishing House 1917) p.5-6]


Anonymous said...

Dear brother James,

I don't know whether I'll be available to call in, though I look forward to hearing any subsequent podcast available.

Though I don't recall you addressing this. My favorite Luther myth is not slanderous but instructive. It goes something like this:

Luther awoke in the dead of night sensing a person in the room. Looking up in the moonlight he saw Satan himself standing at the foot of his bed, glaring at him with an evil, threataning leer and radiating a sickly, demonic glow.

ML said, "Oh, it's only you," then turned over and went back to sleep.

Have you heard this story or a variation? Do you know its origin?

Ever your servant, I remain your Catholic brother in Christ,

James Swan said...


I have not heard that story, but I will add it to my collection.


Benjamin P. Glaser said...

Hope everything went well!!!

Carrie said...

Hi James,

I just listened to the mp3.

Great job! You are as well-spoken as you are well-written.

Rhology said...


What is the citation for Fitzmeyer's claim that all those CFs also translated the verse w/ the word "alone", and what verse is it exactly? Is it Eph 2:8-9?


Rhology said...

Oops, found it. Thanks for anticipating my question!