Monday, August 13, 2007

"For unlike most people I did not enjoy those who have a great deal to say, but those who teach the truth."- Papias

Source: "The Fragments of Papias" cited in, Michael W. Holmes, ed. The Apostolic Fathers: Greek Texts and English Translations, (Michigan: Baker Books, 1999), p. 565

Hmm...reminds me of a few bloggers.


Anonymous said...

Indeed. Preach the Gospel at all times; and when it's necessary, use words as well.

Also enjoyable: those who have a great deal of truth to teach.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy seeing vessels of God's wrath try to claw their way out of their dates with Hell. Theo, your damnation could preach the gospel without words. Why don't you stop spewing, and practice what you preach?

Magotty Man said...

ahh - your last sentence concurs with me 2 posts (!) of today...

Anonymous said...

Dear Scylding:
Your posts on your blog site are excellent, and indeed give me even more reason to thank God for His mercy.

Dear Anonymous:
I would be an utter liar if I claimed that I practice any tenet of Christianity as well as I confess I ought. I shall try to "spew" less, though I sadly must admit that apparently among my many limitations is my difficulty in recognizing it when I spew. Regardless, thank you for reminding my that my own actions fall so very short of my stated beliefs.

May we all strengthen one another to strive to win the prize!

With hope in His mercy, I remain by His grace your servant and brother in Christ,