Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Iron Sharpens Iron mp3's Will Not Be Available Much Longer

If you've enjoyed the Iron sharpens Iron radio show, there's a very good chance the mp3 recordings will not be available for much longer. I suggest visiting the site, and downloading those shows you find interesting. There certainly were a number of great shows!

For the last few years I've worked behind the scenes to make the recordings available. Unfortunately, doing that requires $$, and like many of you, I've had to make cuts in my expenses.

I'm not exactly sure what the status of the show is now.  Hopefully, at some point, the show will return.


Ken said...

It's not on the air anymore? (radio in NY)

Jeff said...

James, I might be able to convince our librarian at GPTS, if you are willing, to includes ISI as part of our Mt. Olive Library on Sermon Audio. What do you think?

James Swan said...

Hi Jeff: That would be great! I'm sure Chris would really appreciate it. There are a number of great shows (some for instance with Dr. White, Tfan, Eric Svendsen, R.C. Sproul...) It would be a shame to lose these shows!

Jeff said...


Send me your Email address and a current Email address for Chris. Thanks,
jeff dot countercult at g mail dot com