Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Music and Testimonies for the End of the World

Camping Countdown clock:

While driving back from North Carolina on Sunday, I listened to a lot of Family Radio. I know a lot of people simply love the music on Family Radio, and still listen, every day, despite Harold Camping. The broadcasting format as I listened in, appeared to be an hour or so of teaching or discussion followed by a half hour to an an hour of music.

One particular discussion I heard was simply interviews with Camping's followers, on how they converted to Family Radio (for lack of a better description), and how they're spreading the word about May 21, 2011.  They were the emotional testimonies on how the Lord called them to Family Radio, complete with tears, new found purpose, certainty, and blessing. Of course, I also listened to a crackling AM radio signal of Catholic Answers for a bit, and heard sort of the same thing. I also listened to a plethora of other religious stations, and again heard a number of testimonies. I was reminded again of how much people love to talk about themselves. Well for Campings's folks, I guess they need to be encouraged to hang in there by hearing about other followers who are giving their all in these final weeks.

As far as I could tell, all the broadcasted discussion or teaching was fixated on May 21, 2011. But so is Family Radio music. We all know the hymn O Come O Come Emmanuel.  Family Radio is now playing a version with different lyrics about judgment day. The familiar chorus has been altered in this way:

"Rejoice, Rejoice, Emmanuel" is now: "May twenty, first, two thousand eleven"

I searched all over the Internet to see if anyone has pulled this song off their airwaves. Apparently, only myself and a few others have heard it. For instance,

Anyone know where the song with "May 21" lyrics to "O Come Emmanuel" can be found? May Twenty One? Anyone know where I can find it to download? Or even who performed it? It has "May Twenty One" lyrics to the music from O Come Emmanuel...it sends chills! It pertains to Judgment Day in a few weeks! I want a copy to share with a friend, I heard it on the live familyradio audio feed but I'm not set up to record. I'm sure it will be a free song to have but it's just finding it!?!?!

I couldn't find it, so I wrote Family Radio about it. So far, no response. If anyone tracks it down, please let me know.

Update: The following link was left in a blog comment:


zipper778 said...

The song will probably be free on May 22nd :D

Rhology said...

That is messed up.

axisoflogos said...

Looks like the domain name for Family Radio is registered until Mar 13, 2012, just in case.

The wecanknow site is registered until Jul 18, 2011. Maybe the domain can be picked up in the pending consternation and be redirected to Rho's site.

Could not find the Emmanuel song, but there are others:

God's book has warned us, warned us of that dread day,
now His Holy Spirit has shown the way
to know the date with many proofs provided,
to know the time; The time He has decided.
The day of the greatest earthquake, bar none:
twenty eleven, May twenty one.


James Swan said...

Thanks, I added the video to the post.

Rhology said...

Haha, great idea - someone should buy that domain and redirect it to Dr White's massive Camping refutation page.

James Swan said...

someone should buy that domain and redirect it to Dr White's massive Camping refutation page.

while a great idea (almost like when I picked up Project Wittenberg before the Lutherans caught me), Mr. Camping and Family Radio will keep these domains.

One thing about Camping,he'll probably come up with something new after May 21, or perhaps, he'll repent. either way, the Open Forum will probably still be on.

It will probably be the case that after his death, someone will become the new president of Family Radio, and go back to the super-conservative barber shop quartet music, along with choice ministers being allowed to speak.

Carrie said...

I wonder what kind of thoughts will be going through Camping and his followers minds at say 11:59pm on May 21st. Do you hold out hope until 12:01am thinking maybe your clock is off a bit?

James Swan said...

Do you hold out hope until 12:01am thinking maybe your clock is off a bit?

I would not be at all surprised if Camping recalculates his dates. He'll find something he missed, and start all over.

In fact, he did this last time.

Viisaus said...

Camping is apparently indirectly responsible for creating major messianic trouble among Vietnamese Hmongs:

Vietnam Tries to Portray Cult Gathering as Christian

"Earlier in the year the worldwide Norman Camping cult, which is predicting a May 21 end of the world, began recruiting among Hmong Christians. They used material translated into the Hmong language and began to draw some followers, sources said. A short time later there appeared another in a succession of purported Hmong “messiahs.” According to Hmong mythology predating the arrival of Christianity, a Hmong messiah will appear and establish a pan-Hmong kingdom. Several such messiahs have been said to have appeared in the past."