Monday, August 16, 2010

Luther, Exposing the Myth: Plagiarized?

The wonders of the Internet never cease. I actually found the document from which the web page Luther, Exposing the Myth appears to have been partially plagiarized from: Verbum the newsletter of St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary in Ridgefield, CT, Spring 1985. It appears that a Roman Catholic website plagiarized a Roman Catholic Newsletter.


The 27th Comrade said...

But even though what they quote about Luther (that I have seen) is actually true, saving Grace hermeneutic, they consider it shameful and wrong.
It is not for nothing that St. Paul spent many paragraphs emphasising the foolishness of what he was preaching. In the last about two months, the sheer foolishness in Grace, “to those who are perishing”, has been made so interestingly clear. Now I see it everywhere.

The offence of faith is so strong, so vast, that I have even come to collapse, against my will, the two categories of “legalists” and “atheists” into just one category: “those who are offended by faith”.

Andrew said...

27th, well said. I think it's interesting how you put that. Of course, religious legalists and atheists are both offended by faith. It never occurred to me that they were essentially the same kind of person.

Anonymous said...

Amen Comrade!

And as for: Imagine that, a Romanist website plagiarized a Romanist Newsletter. Well, as long as Mother Church is served....

No need to imagine anything anymore!

Now I know the Truth about myself and you and all others too!

The Law has come alive in me and I died!

Having said all that, I stand in the Truth of Election, called and chosen!