Monday, November 30, 2009

RCC Credibility Test

From the Catholic News Service:

"A newly beatified nun from the Holy Land could serve as an inspiration for Christians who remain there, said the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem.

The Nov. 22 beatification "breathes upon us a new spirit, renews our church and invites us to the happy hope that we ourselves, too, can be saints like her," said Latin Patriarch Fouad Twal, referring to Blessed Soultaneh Maria Ghattas, founder of the Dominican Sisters of the Holy Rosary of Jerusalem.

"What the church needs most is the witness of saints," he added in his homily at the beatification, a major step toward sainthood. "Holiness is the sign of the church's credibility.""

Unfortunately, that type of credibility test cuts both ways. Certainly unholy behavior, like clerical pedophilia, would be considered a bad "sign".


BillyHW said...

Not at all. A medicine ought to be judged by those who take it, not by those who refuse to take it. Anyone can reject the grace dispensed by the Church and refuse to follow its teachings and moral laws.

Pedophiles can be found in any religion.

Saints can be found in only one.

EA said...

"Pedophiles can be found in any religion.

Saints can be found in only one."

Billy demonstrates the Catholic apologists' penchant for using the 'heads I win, tails you lose' form of asserting that the RCC is the O.T.C.

Any positive evidence accrues to his position, and any negative evidence cannot be admitted. Convenient, but fallacious.