Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Today in the Mail... Luther's Works Volume 69

Today I received my copy of Luther's Works Volume 69, a new volume of Luther's writings translated into English. I do have a question. The last volume to be published was 55. Where are volumes 56-68? Is there a special "Lutheran math" I'm not aware of?

I'm hoping this volume will be digitized and added to the LW CD ROM at some point.

I ordered this book via Concordia. One word of caution: if you fill out the online form, don't be surprised if you find this book in your mailbox a day or two later. I simply gave them my address, and the book showed up. An invoice arrived a day earlier. So if you really want it, fill out the form, but keep in mind, they expect you to pay for it.

Yes, my Siamese cat ripped the top corner of the red cover slip. I had it unpacked less than two minutes.


Pilgrimsarbour said...

Sorry, James.

An animal, even a beloved pet, defacing a book, especially a brand new book, at my house would be subject to severe penalties.

My kids have lived to tell the tale...

James Swan said...

Well, my German Shepherd (rest in peace ol' pal) took out furniture, books, clothes, shoes, anything he could get his teeth on when I wasn't looking.

Siamese are a "high energy" breed. They will get themselves into trouble if not supervised.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Pilgrimsarbour, James. :)

Pilgrimsarbour said...

...a "high energy" breed. They will get themselves into trouble if not supervised.

Heh. Sounds like Arminians...

Carrie said...

Is there a special "Lutheran math" I'm not aware of?

This is exactly why I could never be Lutheran.

James Swan said...

I agree with Pilgrimsarbour, James. :)

My books don't have good resale value. I write notes throughout them as I read them. So, if the cat takes a bite, well, I'm going to ruin it anyway with a pen once I get into it.

Then again, if I ever become a "Pro-apologist" (you know, siting up in a room all day, pounding away on a computer, refuting "everyone"), perhaps they'll be worth something to my fans, LOL.

Pilgrimsarbour said...

I have quite a few books with high resale value. I like to collect fine and rare editions, if financially feasible, but I do it for the love of books, not for resale value.

I have a few books that were once in John Murray's library, with his name in them; not theology books, though.

However, I never write in any book that I buy. If I want to make notes, I do it in a separate notebook.

Writing in books is sacrilege!

Of course, I don't anticipate ever having any "fans."

Pilgrimsarbour said...

I take it back.

I did write in a book once. All over it, in fact, with pen and highlighter. It was a Zane Hodges book. I forget what it was called...Absolutely Free! maybe.

Yeah, I completely trashed that one.

Rev. Dr. Benjamin T. G. Mayes said...

The volumes of the new series aren't coming out in numerical order. They will come out as we have them done. I hope you're enjoying vol. 69!

James Swan said...

Rev. Mayes,

Thanks so much for stopping by, and explaining the numbering.

I'm past the half way point of Volume 69, and I'm enjoying it very much.