Monday, August 24, 2009

My debate on Sola Scriptura

I am engaging in a formal debate with an Eastern Orthodox blogger on the topic of Sola Scriptura. It's my first debate, and it's not as ambitious as far as word limits go as, say, TurretinFan's debates. But I'm having a good time already.
Feel free to follow along.


Anonymous said...


Very good opening.

Will be eagerly following.

Anonymous said...

using sola scriptura alone how will you prove that Isaiah 7 really prophecies of Jesus in light of the fact that Isaiah 7 limits the virgin birth prophecy to the lifetime of Ahaz, Rezin, and Pekkah the son of Remaliah by saying that the a child will be born of a virgin and then "the land which you (Ahaz) abhor shall be deserted by both her kings (Rezin and the son of Remaliah)"? And how can you sqaure any claim of Jesus being the fulfillment with Isaiah 8's delcaration that Mahershalalhashbaz is the fulfillment, for Isiah approaches the prophetess, she virginally conceives and bears a son, and God says to Isaiah "Call his name Mahershalalhashbaz for before he will be able to call for mother or father the riches of Damascus (Rezin) and the spoil of Samaria (Pekkah the son of Remaliah) will be taken by the king of Assyria"??????? Without something beyond scripture there's no way you could successfully twist this prophecy to refer to Jesus. You need some apochyrphal claim of Mary's midwives that she was a virgin and some lame unworkable argument from on of the church fathers like Justin Martyr or Tertullian that doesn't really work!