Thursday, June 04, 2009

Frank Schaeffer: abortion should remain legal

I wouldn't normally link over to Patrick Madrid's blog for news updates, but he posted some old news on Frank Schaeffer, son of the late Francis Schaeffer. Recall, a number of years ago, Frank went "Orthodox." That was another "trophy conversion story" that was thrown out there as proof that smart Protestants know: if a church is old, it must be true.

Anyway, Madrid posted this: That Sound You Hear Is Francis Schaeffer Rolling Over in His Grave ." Frank now says abortion should remain legal. Well, I guess Frank's conversion story is going to go the way of the Matatics story. We'll just not use it anymore...


BJ Buracker said...


I'm curious. Do you (or anyone else) know of some "high ranking" Catholics (priests, bishops, professors, etc.) that have converted to Protestantism? A Catholic friend of mine said that he's never heard of one, and the only one I can think of is Fr. Cutie's recent move to the Episcopal church. Maybe it happens a lot, or maybe Protestants just don't make a big deal out of it... I don't know.



Matthew said...

John Lofton did an interview with Frank Schaeffer:

Exclusive (Though Not Always Coherent) Interview: Frank Schaeffer Says Abortion Is Murder, Must “Remain Legal” And Abortionists, Baby-Murdering Mothers Should Not Be Punished

Highway dog said...

I listened to forty minutes so far. This interview with John Lofton was an unfriendly, mildly coercive exchange. I realize that Christian leaders have to do the hard work, and have good foundations. On the other hand, myself, being a middle-aged son of a preacher, who (myself) has many a fore-shortened logic jumps in my past, felt empathy for Frank Schaeffer. In a parallel manner, I sometime wonder if drugs should be legalized. What concerns me most is that we do not monitor our prisons close enough. In our sinful setup, too many men get victimized in those prisons and diseases are passed. I hate it that men have to bear emotionally ruinous things. I claim Jesus as my Lord. He is my Savior and my Judge. I am learning the wonderful Doctrines of Grace. Even so, there I go, concerned about victimization, rashly opening such products to harm the "free" or "naive" people in our society. I even feel complicit in the previous wrongful conditions. I say all of you are complicit in these sinful conditions as well! I am a sinner in a sinful generation...

Paul said...

Hi BJ,

There have been many defections from Rome by priests and other religious. Perhaps a good place to start is here:

Richard Bennett was a Dominican priest for more than 20 years when he converted. He has written several books documenting the conversion of other priests and nuns. His website has a lot of information you may find helpful.


pilgrim said...

Of course, if someone does go from RCism to Protestantism--well you can't listen to them, because they either didn't really understand RCism, they have an axe to grind or both.

At least that's what I hear when this is brought up--and that includes being sued against non high profile RC's who convert (including me)

I get told I don't understand RCism--without being listened to to find out if I do. The RC's who actually do listen often admit I do understand RC teachings. They also realize I don't have an axe to grind.

kmerian said...

Pilgrim, that kind of thinking goes both ways. There are plenty of ex-protestant now-catholics who are accused of never really knowing protestant theology as well (Francis Beckwith comes to mind)

bkaycee said...

Hmmmm, I was raised Catholic for 27 years, went to Catholic school for 12 years and heard the Roman gospel all the while.

In preparation for marriage i asked a priest for a catechism book to read but found it lifeless and dry.

My baptist friend at work showed me the book of Romans where i read the Gospel of grace for the first time and believed.

I had no ax to grind then; I do now.

LPC said...


I feel ya. Catholics who interact with me say the same thing - I was miscatechized, I did not know really the RC teaching that is why I became a protestant.

In fact even ex-Prots who are now RCs say the same thing to me.

So if there is something wrong with quality control, blame the product.


Beckwith was RC in the first place so he would not be one of those that come to mind.

Prots today are actually like RCs because they are semi-pelagian as them so it is not surprising that they become Roman. The only difference with the modern Prots today with the RCs is that the non-denoms do not have sacraments.