Saturday, February 07, 2009

Catholic Apologists May Lose One of Their Favorite Arguments

Luther added the word "alone" to Romans!

This must be a bit painful to many Catholic apologists:

"Luther had correctly translated Paul's words as 'justified by faith alone', the well-known sola fide, Benedict affirmed, as reported in the newspaper. Some have blamed the widespread lack of biblical knowledge among Italians, on the Catholic Church due to its monopoly on the teaching of the Bible." [Source]

Of course, Rome still isn't on the right page yet.

PS: To my fan club...go find the newspaper the article was talking about, and check the quote. I don't for a moment believe the pope believes the gospel. Was the article talking about something from November '08, or something recent? If he really said Luther correctly "translated Paul" I'd like to see that. He would be agreeing with others before Luther who likewise translated Romans 3:28.

I shut down the comments because I'm not interested in Catholics coming over here and attempting to argue Protestants and Catholics are on the "same page" about the gospel. We are not. You can keep your "joint declaration" comments on your own blogs.

And by the way, in case you didn't (and you probably didn't), earlier, I actually wrote the author of the statement for clarification.