Saturday, January 10, 2009

"Cathoogle - Catholic Google custom search engine- The best way for good Catholics to surf the web."

OK, this is an irony. You know how Sippo, Madrid, DA, et all consider me a virulent anti-Catholic? Go to the Cathgoogle search page and put my name in. When I did it, my blog was the first hit. If you put Dr. White's name in, aomin will be the first hit as well. Eric Svendsen's site was third or fourth down when his name was put in. William Webster got the first hit when his name was put in. Try Turretinfan, Frank Turk, Triablogue, or any others that have been deemed unsafe anti-catholic websites by the pseudo-powers that be..

The site explains:

"Catholic search engine powered by Google striving to provide an easy to use resource to anyone wanting to learn more about Catholicism and provide a safer way for good Catholics to surf the web. Cathoogle is powered by Google using "safe search" technology, it produces balanced results from all perspectives, from sites all over the internet with more weighting to given to Catholic websites and sites containing content relating to Catholics and Catholicism."

I would like to publicly thank Cathgoogle for allowing my site to be on their safe search engine, and for also considering aomin, ntrmin,, and Turretinfan a "balanced result."


Carrie said...

provide a safer way for good Catholics to surf the web. Cathoogle is powered by Google using "safe search" technology

Interesting. Does it come with an imprimatur?

I typed in "catholic justification" and got back 2 links to CARM and one to Webster's site on the first page (mixed among Catholic sites).

James Swan said...

Recall, the Envoy Forums have a filter that stops links to, while Cathoogle deems aomin safe.

Anonymous said...

All I get is an error that my client doesn't have access. They must have a soul sniffer that checks if you're Catholic enough to do a search on the site, and they found me out! Just kidding. They must have broke google's usage requirements and got themselves banned from using google's search api's or something.

pilgrim said...

Not expecting much, I put my blog in there--and it was the second hit--after a link to the verse the name is from.