Sunday, February 03, 2008

Warning: Envoy Forums

I'm wondering if someone hacked into Patrick Madrid's Enovy Forums (Surprised by Truth). I get a very odd virus alert message when I try to get in. It looks like someone was able to get the link to the forums redirected to something else, someplace that my virus software immediately views as a threat. I noticed that the http link changes to something when I click on it. Someone else tried the link and was given the warning that the site contained pornographic content.

The link is giving me trouble is the main page for the forums. DO NOT USE IT!

Speaking of trouble, it seems as if the Blogger spellcheck no longer works on my end over here.


Turretinfan said...

For blogger spell check, it may work to switch to "edit html" mode for reviewing the blog post. In that mode, the spell check seems to work automatically (you don't have to hit a "Spellcheck" button), as in the comments boxes.

Rhology said...

I used to frequent Steve Ray's DCF board as "Rho", and I liked that interaction alot.
And then right when I was getting tired of it after 8-9 months, someone hacked their forum and blew up all their archives, so all that paper trail I had typed out was GONE. Too bad for me.

Turretinfan said...

Upon further consideration, that blogger workaround only works if one is using Firefox, and if one is using Firefox, then one doesn't need the Blogger spellcheck in the compose mode either. Lesson: use Firefox.

Fred Noltie said...

Lesson: use Firefox.

Now there is something that we agree upon :-)

-- RdP