Saturday, May 26, 2007

Art Sippo Comments “Edited by - Patti on 05/26/2007 06:12:31 AM”

Catholic apologist Art Sippo must have said something not so nice in his recent rant about me over on the Envoy forum. Well, whatever it was, Patti, an Envoy moderator, did the right thing and helped Art not embarrass Envoy and Catholic apologists.

In this recent rant, Sippo is rehashing material from our dialog on Luther biographies:

“First of all, I support the ban on Mr. Swan. He is arrogant and no friend of the truth. he acted quite poorly on this board and has some nerve complaining about my "vitriol." His idea of a "Catholic theologian with a positive assessment of Luther" was Fr. Josef Lortz, who had been a card carrying Nazi before and during WWII. Fr. Lortz was a big fan of Hitler's book Mein Kampf and saw the Third Reich as a chance to get the Church "back on track" with its historical agenda which had been derailed by all those Roman policies since the 13th Century.”

Well Art, anyone interested can read that discussion and see if I was arrogant, no friend of the truth, and acting poorly. In regard to Luther and his Catholic biographer Joseph Lortz, you can read my perspective on this here:

Catholic Apologist Art Sippo on Catholic Historian Joseph Lortz

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Elmer G. White said...

I have no social media accounts. The following comment applies to Mr Sippos webpage called "Why are you so mean to Protestants?"

If Mr Sippo sees this message, hopefully the physician is responsible enough to answer with honesty:

Art Sippo articklated: I NEVER apologize for being a Catholic. i have no need to do so.

Mr Sippo, am I a rank idolator for worshipping the Jesus who knows nothing about assuming Mary into heaven to eventually, finally, finally dispense grace to earthlings. What if I do not worship the "jesus" who dispensed grace for years until he fobbed the job off on Mary? Rank idolator, me? Is somebody worshipping a false jesus?

Roman Catholicism and I cannot both be right! One of us is utterly wrong, idolatrous, and unscriptural.

So how many years or centuries went by before all these Assumption ideas were articulated, sans scripture, sans Christs actual words.

Does 2 John 1:9-11 still say that those who run ahead, not staying in Jesus' teachings do not have God? You are counciled in Revelation 22:18,19 not to add the word "Mary" into the book of Revelation, dont't forget!

Do idolators have God?

Do you mind if true Christians pin disobedience and idolatry on Roman Catholicism for excellent, scriptural reasons?