Sunday, November 26, 2006

Roman Catholicism Update

I’ve done a major update on this link on my sidebar archive :

Roman Catholic Related Papers And Blogs By James Swan

I was amazed by how many entries I’ve done on Roman Catholicism in this past year. I never think that I’ve written that much on anything except Martin Luther, but this link proves that I’ve done much more. Go ahead, give it a look. The page took about 4 hours to put together.

This archive page on Roman Catholicism is organized by sections:

The first section: includes blog entries on general topics.
The second section: includes blog entries on specific church fathers.
The third section: specific to blog entries on Catholic apologists and laymen.

This link will help me keep track of what I’ve written, as well as being a quick reference for topics covered. I’ve also included some of the guest blogger entries by Frank Marron and Ray Aviles. Their contributions have been a true blessing to me, particularly these:

Did Jerome Change his Mind on the Apocrypha?- An excellent entry done by Ray Aviles proving Jerome did not think the apocrypha belonged in the canon, and never changed his mind.

Thoughts on the Examination of the Council of Trent- Guest blogger Frank Marron’s excellent look at Chemnitz’s book on the Council of Trent.

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