Friday, October 03, 2014

Are Rome's Apologists Spineless?

This warmed my heart: When Catholic Books Were... Catholic Books from the Catholic Champion website.
There is a section of the book speaking of Protestants in general, which as we know often attack the Catholic Church, strongly opposes their errors. Unfortunately most of today's Catholic apologists have no where near the knowledge or spine to speak plainly as the Catholics of old have done.
"Protestants being thus impious enough to make liars of Jesus Christ, of the Holy Ghost, and of the apostles, need we wonder if they continually slander Catholics, telling and believing worse absurdities about them than the heathens did?... All these grievous transgressions are another source of their reprobation."
The Catholic Champion does a fine job demonstrating that within the category of those that defend Rome against Protestantism, there is not always an apparent unity or even a real unity. The Champion is correct that if one visits Roman Catholic books from 100 years ago, the arguments against Protestantism were presented in a different (and often harsher) tone. Now, it's not uncommon to find shows like that which is found regularly on Catholic Answers in which the entire program is dedicated to a cordial chat with "non-Catholics."

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