Monday, September 27, 2010

Acolyte of Demagoguery

To: James Swan
From: The House of Demagogues
Re: Warning signs of a diabolical spirit...

Your scrupulous adherence to the black arts of the late Reformers and assiduous neglect of Holy Mary have not gone unnoticed. You are to be awarded abilities commensurate with your current progress in diabolical fanaticism; you are now an Acolyte of Demagoguery. Expect your next visitation with the Institutes to produce an incantation by which you may change into your new form:

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Paul Hoffer said...

Hello Mr. Schultz,

What good is it to have him become a mute swan? Would it not be far better for him to assume the form of a Cygnus buccinator instead? Trumpeter Swans are far bigger, nastier and noisier. I know from personal bird-watching experience.

God bless!