Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mark Shea Says...Time for a Little Clarity...

...as to which Catholic apologists are buddies, and which are not:

"Bob Sungenis is lying when he says he is running a piece "courtesy of" yours truly. He has neither my permission, nor the permission of the reader I quote and refused to take it down when I wrote demanding he do so. So the guy knows nothing of "courtesy". But the internet being what it is, he can cut and paste anything and I can't stop him. However, in case you are wondering, I have nothing to do with Sungenis' little enclave of anti-semitic kookery and bad science nuttery."[source]

"Bob [Sungenis] decided he is incapable of error and headed out into space. I do not wish to be associated with his anti-semitic nonsense, nor with his geocentric rubbish. He has chosen to ignore his bishop's request to avoid spewing his anti-semitic garbage. Any sensible Catholic would stay a mile away from this junk." [source]

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