Sunday, February 22, 2009

Why did my comment get deleted?

This comment was directed to me on another blog:

You better ignore us, this is not like your soapbox, where you shut down commenting when you start being confuted.

I shut down comments or delete them when personal attacks and insults are in the comments, either toward me, or my other bloggers, or my other friends.

Also if you use scatological language or profanity, you will be deleted. Even minor scatological language will get deleted, like using "hell" in a slang manner.

I haven't kept these rules a secret, either.

In one recent instance, I shut down the comments because what I had posted was so poorly interpreted, I didn't have the time to correct each misinterpretation. In another instance, I shut down the comments that I wasn't involved in because the discussion had reached the point of ridiculousness.

It is very sad that Roman Catholics claim to have such a deeper "spirituality", yet, if I were to post the comments from Roman Catholics I've had to delete off my blog, one would wonder exactly what that deeper spirituality actually entails. Interestingly, I've noticed one well known Catholic apologist, with more than a few books published by an actual "real" publisher (not Lulu!) is prone to using profanity, like the "f" word on his blog, among other scatological statements.

What is it with you guys? I'm hoping the angry and insulting Roman Catholics who come over here are the exception, and not the rule. I'm hoping the Catholics that make videos with insults, or create "spoof" blogs, call me a "Nazi," or send me angry and insulting e-mails do not represent most Roman Catholics.

I've said it before, but it needs to be repeated: this year, I will have a very low tolerance level for insults in the comment boxes. So far, 3 or 4 people are on "purposeful delete" every time they post, no matter what they post.


Lvka said...

is prone to using profanity, like the "f" word on his blog

You mean "father"? As in a direct defiance of Matthew 23:9 !?

James Swan said...

You mean "father"? As in a direct defiance of Matthew 23:9!?

That's clever.

Wintrowski said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
James Swan said...

Wintrowski said...

Just an FYI, all of your comments now reside in the "purposeful delete" bin as of 2/20/09, and there they will stay.

Lvka said...

Just an FYI, all of your comments now reside in the "purposeful delete" bin as of 2/20/09, and there they will stay.

So they went *straight* to Hell... they're not even in Purgatory !? Wow! See, now THAT'S what I would call self-consistency! >:)

ann said...

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Black Sheep said...

Hello James,

In the middle ages, Germanic culture often was 'littered' with scatalogical references and phrases, perhaps the most polite of which would be the term "filthy rich" which is still in modern use, I can't be certain but it's possible Luther himself used a few remarks of such nature, and in his era it was'nt considered ill mannered.
Just thought I would mention it.

I like your blog, it's added to my faves :o)

Kind Regards

James Swan said...

Luther himself used a few remarks of such nature, and in his era it was'nt considered ill mannered.

Yes, Luther's language could be quite harsh at times. I'd probably have to ban him from this blog as well if he used bad language! I've written about Luther's language here:

Black Sheep said...

Most of the scatalogical insults were actually aimed at the very rich.. I think there is a painting from the time, depicting a pig defecating out gold coins.

Thanks for the link.

Ben Douglass said...

send me angry and insulting e-mails

Hmm, I called your last article at the AOMin blog profoundly ignorant, because it was. Not sure if you consider that insulting. But, if you don't consider it insulting for James White to tell people they are ignorant of Greek (as he frequently does), hopefully you will apply a consistent standard to one who tells you that you are ignorant of Catholic spirituality.

pilgrim said...

I once started a thread on a religious discussion board--it was not one run by Roman Catholics. I asked an honest question about double standards I saw in the posts of the various RC's on that board--I did not ask it in an accusing manner,and I stated it di not apply to all--or even most RC's--just the ones there that used double standards. The thread was deleted because the same RC's I asked the honest question responded with ad Hominem attacks--no questions to clarify what I had posted, no answers to my question, no defense of what I saw as a double standard, etc. Just ad hominem attacks--and some quite nasty as well.

Those RC's were the excsptions in the overall world of RCism, but unfortunately there are too many like them out there on discussion boards, chat rooms and blogs.

RC's aren't the only ones using such tactics, but they seem to be the ones I see doing it the most. I have encountered other RC's though that put the attackers to great shame with their sense of decency & fairness--even though I have serious disagreements with their theology--and they with mine.