Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Fellow Beggars: Guest Blog Posts

From time to time I like to feature the insights of those people who's opinions and insight I respect. While I may not agree with everything written, I greatly appreciate the perspective presented- remember iron sharpens iron.

If you would like to be considered a Fellow Beggar, please write me:


Guest Blog:Did Jerome Change His Mind on the Apocrypha ? (Ray Aviles)


Guest Blogger: Frank Marron (Lutheran)

Guest Blog: Law & Gospel (Frank Marron)

Guest Blog: The Word Of The Lord Endures forever, Not The words Of Martin Luther! (Frank Marron)

Guest Blog:Why Are There So Many Christian Denominations? (Frank Marron)

Guest Blog: Bondage Of The Will (Frank Marron)

Guest Blog: Thoughts on “The Examination of the Council of Trent” (Frank Marron)



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