Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Dr. Nathan Busenitz' course on Historical Theology from a Protestant/Reformation Viewpoint

This is the first of 25 lectures on Historical Theology from the early church up to the Reformation.  I have not listened to them all, but jumped around some; and still have a long way to go.  Overall, it looks really good.  See the side-bar on You Tube for the rest of the 25 lectures.  He also has a Part 2 of Reformation and forward Historical Theology course.  (see under the You Tube Page of The Master's Seminary)  I look forward to working through them.

Dr. Busenitz also has a book on Sola Fide, showing the earlier aspects and elements of the doctrine in church history before Luther.  Called "Long Before Luther".

Long Before Luther

PS. There is a also a course by Carl Trueman on the Reformation, there at the Master's Seminary (Founder: John MacArthur) You Tube Page, that even a Roman Catholic like Alan Ruhl admitted was excellent.


zipper778 said...

Thank you for posting this Ken! It's good timing because I'm about to teach a 6 week class on church and Bible history at my church, so this will be nice to compare and contrast with. I've made it through the first four lectures and he is surprisingly detailed. The comments section is also interesting. Some unique perspectives there.

Ken Temple said...

You are welcome. Glad this is a blessing to you.

Jesse said...

That book titled "Long Before Luther" is excellent. I've even got a few citations from that work over here: