Saturday, July 04, 2015

A way to celebrate July 4 with righteous anger

These three videos are just ways to express my frustration with the evil things that are going on today in our world.

I was born in 1961, and growing up in the 60s and 70s; I fully realize I am a baby-boomer and I have an internal skepticism of authority, especially our government, and most especially, our current government.  The stuff Nixon did at the time seemed really bad, but the stuff that goes on now, with the liberal media protecting the liberal politicians, is much, much worse.  Government take over of health care - ObamaCare, Benghazi- Gate, IRS scandals, Hillary lying Clinton, the Supreme Court's recent decision on so called "same sex marriage"; abortion that has been going on with government sanction since 1973, President Obama refusing to call Islamic governments, ISIS/ISIL/IS as "Islamic" and terrorists and other Jihadists - "Islamic".  For our current government to label what Nidal Hassan did at Fort Hood as "work-place violence" is one of the most disgusting things ever done by our liberal governement idiots.    Judges making laws, judges fining the bakers, photographers, florists - massive injustice!  Of course I also am angry at the evil racist white guy who killed those Black church folks in Charleston too!  (If I don't mention that, the leftist people will ask, "why don't you get upset with that also?"  Well, it is evil and wrong, and sad; but it was not caused by government force or institutionalized racism or "white supremacy" or a flag that just symbolizes history for most people.)

I realize that Randy Stonehill has been divorced, and that he had problems in his life also; but some of his songs, like this one, are just great.

"Be angry, and yet, do not sin"  - Psalm 4:4 and Ephesians 4:26

I like this song, for it communicates there is a time for righteous anger at sin and injustice and corruption.

I think we can say legitimately that, "There is a time for righteous anger" - Ecclesiastes 3:1-8  (a time to kill and a time to hate = killing murderers and wars against evil regimes and hating sin and evil are good things)

"You who love the Lord, hate evil"  - Psalm 97:10

Angry Young Men
by Randy Stonehill

He wants some angry young men
Ones who can't be bought
Ones who will not run from a fight
Ones who speak the truth whether it's popular or not
Ones who'd give up anything to walk in His light


Rest assured when Jesus comes again
He'll be looking for some angry young men

He wants some angry young men
With fire in their eyes
Ones who understand what Jesus gave
Ones who have grown weary
of the world and all its lies
Ones who won't forget they've been
delivered from the grave

(Repeat Chorus)

They say if you don't laugh you cry
I say if you don't live you die
Well, well, the road to hell is paved with
some impressive alibis
But unless you thirst for Jesus first
Man, heaven will pass you by
Heaven will pass you by

You'll be tempted, tried and tested
There'll be wars the devil wins
But God's love is not a license to lie 
there in your sins
He understands the human heart
His mercy is complete
But His grace was not intended
As a place to wipe your feet

(Repeat Chorus)

He wants some angry young men
Who love the Lord they serve
Ones who'll do much more than make a speech
Ones who'll act their faith out with a passion it deserves
'Cause if we cannot live it
Tell me, who are we to preach?

(Repeat Chorus)  

Just Gimme Some Truth!!  

Here is another song - John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth" (from 1971).
I realise that Lennon was talking against Nixon ("Tricky Dicky"), the Vietnam War, hypocrites in government, and that he is seen as an icon of the left.  I also realise that if Lennon was alive today, he would more than likely approve of, at least, the freedom for homosexuals to have "same sex marriage".  Though he was the most radical of the Beatles, and sometimes a real jerk to people, full of anger, sometimes he was refreshingly honest.  The most famous of Lennon's songs, "Imagine", is the leftist anthem of all that modern liberals want and desire and love.  Many people think "Imagine" was Lennon's best song, rivaling McCartney's "Yesterday".  Bolderdash!  Lennon's, "In My Life", "Nowhere Man", "Strawberry Fields", "I am the Walrus", and "Beautiful Boy" were much better than "Imagine".  "Imagine" is a terrible song, because of the words and the philosophy it espouses.  Good music, terrible words.  Leftist utopian dreams, a unity without truth.  Lennon and Harrison were hypocrites also, committing adultery many times and being very rich, but criticizing others who had wealth.  But I do like a lot of their music; I just wish they had come to know Christ before they died.  

But since the left interprets the Constitution in opposition to its original intent, then I am going to interpret Lennon here against his original intent, and say to President Obama, the liberal Supreme Court Justices, Hillary Clinton, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi, Jonathan Gruber, nbc, cbs, cnn, abc, etc. - "I am tired of your hypocrisy and lies - gimme some truth; just gimme some truth".  

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

A scene from the movie, "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", starring Jimmy Stewart.  He was a "boy ranger" (like a boy scout of the old days) who went on to be a senator and fought the evil graft and greed and control of politicians by corrupt businessmen and newspapers.

I interpret Mr. Smith as speaking truth to the power against all the lies of Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama, and the other leftist liberals and democrats who don't seem to understand that we cannot have a good government when we don't believe in good vs. evil anymore and are throwing out the moral foundation for our society.  Mr. Smith is like a mouse with truth, standing against the large elephants of the government and media, and corrupt business men and women - we take him for our cause and say to all who have shoved so called "same sex marriage" down our throats, - repent of your evil and go back and read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence.  "the laws of nature and nature's God", "endowed by their Creator", etc.

Celebrate the 4th of July by watching Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, focusing your anger against sin and lies, scream "Gimme some truth", and praying for our leaders.  (1 Timothy 2:1-4)

I realize I wrote about "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington" before on July 4.    And yeah, I know Frank Capra was Roman Catholic, etc.  Read the comments there, if you want to bring that up again.  I appreciate the Supreme Court Judges who are Roman Catholic - Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and sometimes Roberts.  I like the media cultural commentators also who are Roman Catholic and those that are conservative Jews, like Dennis Prager and Michael Medved.  We can agree with each other on those things - moral values and small government, etc.  It is great to have that political freedom, without persecuting or killing one another, as in the theocracy days of Roman Catholicism, and, to a lesser extent, Calvin's Geneva.


James Swan said...

I realize that Randy Stonehill has been divorced, and that he had problems in his life also; but some of his songs, like this one, are just great.

Yeah, well, then there are those people with problems and sins that God used as recorded in the Bible...

I think, if I recall, Stonehill is up to wife #3.

Kevin Failoni said...

Mathew 11:12 " From the days John to Baptist until now the kingdom of heaven has suffered violence and the violent men take it by force." Scripture is telling us that fighting and exposing error and sharing the gospel is like taking a beachhead in violence. Jesus said He came to bring a sword! K

James Swan said...

BTW, ex CCM artist, Leslie Phillips (now Sam Phillips) has a version of Gimmie sSome truth:

Not sure exactly where Sam/Leslie is in regard to Christianity (never really looked into it). If I recall, she actually played a terrorist in one of the "Die Hard" movies.

Ken said...

I didn't realize Leslie Philips changed her name and went that direction. I remember someone in our family back in 1985 had her cassette tape, "Black and White in a Grey World". ( I don't think I listened to it but maybe once, it didn't impress me.)

Lennon's version of Gimme Some Truth is much better.

Stonehill on his 3rd marriage is not a good witness. Didn't know that.

Kevin Failoni said...

James, Im one of those Christians who believe we are not called to fight the cultural woes of society, or Christianize institutions, but to preach the gospel. Jesus said my kingdom isn't of this world. Im with MacArthur on this. The efforts to fight or convince an unbelieving heart of morality is fruitless. God must change their heart. Im not saying that christians shouldn't be culturally or politically conscience, but Jesus is talking about the exposing of sin for what it is in order to save someone. For Christians, especially Reformed, to expect an ungodly society to reform its position without a changed heart seem not wise. God set up these institutions as restrainers, but they are commanded but sinners. We live in a composite society, and I think that is what Christ intended. Every time we see the government and so called Christianity mixed, it has been a disaster in history. I even believe the very thing Luther hated about the Catholic church, that it bound the conscience of men, He condoned in the dark times in Protestantism when they persecuted anabaptist etc. We are to submit to government and preach the gospel. Jesus never asks us to change organizations, He changes hearts through the gospel. K

Ken said...

Hi Kevin,
I basically agree with you - that the gospel and preaching and discipleship and teaching and equipping the saints should be priorities, but I also think we can seek to engage the culture in these moral, ethical, and political issues.

But it is frustrating to see our culture embrace such a gross thing as homosexuality and so called "same sex marriage", etc.

James White and Douglas Wilson and Robert Gagnon and the Charismatic Michael Brown do a good job of engaging the culture on those issues (esp. so called "same sex marriage"- as it brings up gospel issues - 1 Cor. 6:9-11 - can the God of the Bible actually change a person or not?), and they provide evangelistic and apologetic opportunities. We cannot be silent - the churches in Nazi Germany were too silent on a different issue.

The churches in the South were too silent and/or even wrong, during segregation era.

"Let justice roll down like waters, and righteousness like an ever flowing stream" - Amos 5:24

Political and theological liberals forget that Martin Luther King, jr. was quoting and alluding to the Bible in his speeches. Many people think Martin Luther King came up with those words of Amos 5:24, not realizing he was quoting the Scriptures. That was a good element of his usage of Scripture.

Kevin Failoni said...

Hi Ken, Ya I agree with you, we must fight these sins in society, but we must remember God's wrath is already being poured out on America, Romans 1, and I believe God has abandoned America, of course not His elect. Romans 1 should be a template for us. First a sexual revolution, then homosexual, then God turns them over to their degrading sin. Romans 1 is clear. I believe God has abandoned our country and turned them over to their degrading passions, of course still executing His saving work, calling His people to Christ.

Ken said...

That is very true - God has given them over to the lusts of their hearts and in Romans 1:18, all of that "giving over" in verses 22-26 is described as "the wrath of God".

That, along with 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 - God has given them over to a deluding influence so that they believe what is false, because they did not love the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness.

Ken said...

God "giving them over" to their lusts, etc. - from Romans 1:24-28

Kevin Failoni said...

James, I really believe that the whole political stance between Catholics and Protestants culturally against a few chosen sins ( homosexuality, abortion, etc. )has been a false front for Catholics to claim unity in the faith. We should let the Romanists fight societies sins the way they want to fight it and we should fight in the way we want to. There already exists sort of joint effort. But through this comes the understanding that we believe the same thing. We don't. It makes it more difficult to draw the distinctions that are necessary in the gospel. You turn on Bill O'Riley and find Catholic Priests and Baptist ministers on the same shows giving the impressions that its all christianity. Its not. If we were really preaching the truth to Catholics, there would be more offended. Because as we see with Jesus and Paul in their dealings with the religious of their day, the truth offends. It should. We give the impression in society as we fight these hand full of chosen sins that we are all united as believers. That isn't the unity Jesus had in mind. K

Ken said...

ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) was definely wrong; since it commented / touched on theology and gospel unity with Roman Catholicism.
It failed to point out clearly the different doctrine of the gospel that each group had vs. the other.

The Manhattan Declaration could have been better had they made some clearer statements that the groups disagreed with each other on the gospel of how one gets justified and saved.

Ken said...

What I meant to say:
ECT (Evangelicals and Catholics Together) was definely wrong; since it commented / touched on theology and claimed gospel unity with Roman Catholicism. (But in reality there is fundamental disunity over the gospel, soteriology, justification, etc.)