Monday, March 16, 2015

Rome's Bloggers Described by... One of Rome's Bloggers

"Reports and personal experience stories are mounting of vulgarity, bullying, personal attacks and other forms of unacceptable behavior emerging from Catholic bloggers and their fans in the web-culture. Ironically, these attacks rarely center around the traditional ‘hot button’ issues of abortion, or even mid-level issues like ordaining women to the priesthood. More often today, Catholics are finding themselves the target of verbal abuse, ‘unfriending’ and banning from blogging boards for disagreeing with Catholic bloggers on peripheral issues like water-boarding, lying to save unborn children, or giving a $15 per hour minimum wage."


Jeff D said...

Which side of the issues are the belligerent bloggers on?

James Swan said...


Over the years, I've dealt with exactly the type of Roman Catholic bloggers the author describes: "vulgarity, bullying, personal attacks."