Friday, January 09, 2015

"God called me to become an apologist"

Here's some brief comments for the few of you following  "The Protestant’s Dilemma Destroys James White’s Scripture Alone" saga.

Mr. Rose did take down his video “The Protestant’s Dilemma Destroys James White’s Scripture Alone” (along with the comments) and is determined to post another blog entry explaining things.  He states, "After reflecting on the way I came across in the video, I have decided to remove it. If I expect James White to show respect and consideration toward me, I need to do the same to him. I will make another blog post sometime in the next few days discussing the situation, the response, and what transpired with regard to the radio discussion."  I look forward to reading why he refused to go on Moody radio with Dr. White. It just goes to show that a 3 minute YouTube video can put one on the radar, for better or for worse.

Since I purchased Devin's book, I plan on delving into it, time allowing. Obviously, I'll be most interested in his use of sources and quotes pertaining to the Reformation. I did post a comment on his blog letting him know that he mis-read Luther's Table Talk.  Or he may not have read it all, who knows? His interpretation of Luther's alleged comment was so bizarre, I would rather he say he didn't read the context. He hasn't responded, which is OK, I'm sure he has enough "apologetics" on his plate at the moment to contend with. The tedium of quoting something out-of-context, or mis-reading a context probably isn't his high priority right now.

I would speculate that there are things going on behind the scenes with Mr. Rose and other cyber Roman-apologists on how he should work through the mess he's made. Or perhaps I should say, I hope there are mentors he's working with- maybe some of the folks at Catholic Answers, or... maybe he should follow a Roman authority paradigm and sit down with a priest?

The thing with the Internet is that folks come along all the time and deem themselves "apologists." In Devin's case, he says, "I entered full communion with the Catholic Church in 2001 and ten years later God called me to become an apologist." This isn't the first time I've read someone with a blog or webpage claiming God called them to this or that. The irony of course is when Rome's defenders do it. They'll never concede God called the Reformers. But of course, they know God called them to be Roman Catholic apologists! Perhaps after the YouTube debacle he brought on himself, he'll ponder his "calling" a little deeper.


James Swan said...

If you would read with more care, you would have not needed to ask this question. The majority of my comments thus far have been in regard to his YouTube video and blog comments.

I've gone through most of his book. It's a very quick read.

EA said...

"You haven't read it yet? But you are commenting on it?"

Guy always reads everything he's referred to before commenting on it. So he's the perfect person to question others about this. Sheesh.