Friday, September 19, 2014

Harold Camping's Most Dedicated Followers Predict the End: October 7, 2015

Back when Mr. Camping was predicting the end of the world, a group called eBible fellowship was right in step with his eschatological conclusions. One of the eBible folks was actually a featured speaker on Family Radio during the end of the world countdown.

 I still visit their site from time to time.  These folks are convinced that on May 21, 2011, God "shut the door of Heaven" and since then no one else can be saved. And therefore: "There is a strong likelihood that the spiritual judgment now upon the world will continue for 1600 days and then conclude with the literal destruction of all unsaved people and the end of the world on October 7, 2015." (source)


Hugh McCann said...

Hugh McCann said...

No, no, it's between September 18-25, right? ;)