Thursday, May 01, 2014

The Future of Protestantism - Peter Leithart, Fred Sanders, Carl Trueman, and Peter Escalante

I watched the whole thing; but I admit I fell asleep here and there for 5 minutes or so. I think I went back and listened again to the parts I missed.
I am trying to understand Peter Leithart.
He was tried for heresy (it seems, if I understand it rightly, basically, of being accused of aspects of the “Federal Vision” – that infant baptism justifies and regenerates – and aspects of something similar to the New Perspective on Paul that seem to be adding the merit of works for final salvation and not distinquishing between justification and sanctification), within the last couple of years, but was exonerated.
Go to the Aquila Report and search under Peter Leithart and you can find the details.  (There are several other articles there on the heresy trial of P. Leithart.)
But the main prosecutor, Jason Stellman, later became a Roman Catholic. (very ironic)
Leithart seems to say that Roman Catholicism is part of the same body of Christ and the people are brothers and sisters as they were baptized with the same Trinitarian baptism. Leithart seems to be arguing the same kind of thing that Doug Wilson argued in his debate with James White, “Are Roman Catholics our brothers and sisters?” (see at – Wilson says something like “grab them by their baptism”.
I think Peter Escalante was wrong at 1:28:00 where he says that Francis Turretin said that the RCC was a church, just deformed, but has word and sacrament, etc.
Turretinfan provides evidence to the contrary:
No one mentioned directly the anathemas of the Council of Trent on the doctrine of justification by faith alone.
In this video, Leithard emphasizes:
1. Ecumenical meetings, Unity, John 17 – getting together locally to foster unity and discussions with Roman Catholics
2. Seemed to say that Transubstantiation could be an opinion, but not a dogma ( ?? !!!)
3. Liturgy
4. Sacraments
5. Eucharist/Lord’s supper has to be celebrated every week
Carl Trueman said that J. Gresham Machen’s view was that theological liberalism was not Christianity, but that RCC is a distorted form of Christianity; and that the Reformers did not re-baptize anyone who converted from Rome to the Protestant faith.
Trueman was good in emphasizing the Word/Scriptures/preaching/teaching and pastoral implications of helping the average person understand the issues, by not confusing them with too much ecumenism.
They needed to have James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries, and John Bugay of Triablogue and John McArthur, R. C. Sproul, and William Webster there to make the discussion more lively.


Hugh McCann said...

Wow - Sounds like a rather muted form of 'Protestantism.' If such is its state, it seems a bit redundant and moribund.

But where was Rick "All-Things-to-All-Men" Warren?

Hugh McCann said...

Are you certain this wasn't titled, "The Demise of Protestantism"?

Why in the world was Trueman a part of this?!

Ken said...

I think Trueman brought the others to more of a balance toward the side we here at Beggar's All would be on vs. Leithart's perspective.

I was surprised he did not say more against Leithart's perspective.