Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Case Against Ergun Caner

See over at my other blog, I embedded Dr. White's video on the Case against Ergun Caner, and other links with the documentation; and also another video done by a Muslim, who made a video of news reports about Caner going to Brewton-Parker College in Mount Vernon, Ga. The discussion in the combox is also interesting so far, as it is with a Muslim concerning the doctrines of the Trinity, the Incarnation, and the Qur'an's mistakes about those doctrines and also the Qur'an's mistkae about the crucifixion and death of Christ as established historical fact, which the Qur'an denies. (Surah 4:157)


yeoberry said...

As a Baptist pastor and church historian who has been following the Ergun Caner saga over the past few years, I was concerned for the selection of Ergun Caner as president of the college. His words testify against him. Caner has claimed BOTH to have come to the USA in 1969 and 1978. Which was it? Listen to this video at 1:56 and again at about 4:00:
He claims to both be born in Stockholm, Sweden and Istanbul, Turkey: listen to him yourself at the above video.
Caner's mother Monica successfully fought against the provision in the divorce decree that the children be raised Muslim by making an appeal to the court on June 8th 1978. The court overturned the former condition of April 14th 1978, by allowing religious instruction "according to the desires of each parent" while in their custody. See the court order here: Now, if Monica Caner was really a Muslim, why did she appeal to the court to let her instruct her children in religion other than Islam? This goes against Caner's insistence that he was raised in a devoutly Muslim home and that his mother was Muslim.
Caner came to the USA in 1969, at the age of 2 and attended public school. How could he, then, have only learned about American culture by what he saw on TV as a child growing up in Turkey as he claims? Here's Caner's father's immigration record, showing him coming in 1969:
There are also serious questions as to his basic knowledge of Islam and about whether he publicly pretended to speak Arabic. Here's an example of Caner's "Arabic": And another:
Here's Caner making a false claim about Muslim's dating non-Muslims:
More Caner vs. Caner:
Finally, here is a Southern Baptist pastor with some kind of program lamenting this scandal:

John Carpenter

Ken said...

Exactly. Thanks for adding some more details and links.