Monday, September 02, 2013

No Muslim can deal with Mark 10:23-27

See the full article at my other blog:  No Muslim can deal with Mark 10:23-27

Nor Matthew 5:21-26

Nor Matthew 5:27-30

Nor Mark 7:20-23

In Evangelism with Muslims, use these passages often and repeatedly, to emphasize sin, internal sin, that no one can cleanse their hearts from these sins, and that Jesus said that these internal sins make us guilty to be sent to hell.


Lothar Lorraine said...

The problem with this theology is the origin of sin. Where does that fallen nature come from?
If God really cursed the whole mankind with a sinful nature on the grounds that two of our ancestors ate the wrong fruit, then he is ultimately responsible for the inevitable human tendency to sin.
I reject this doctrine of the fall, not least because there is no mention whatsoever of a psychological change having taken place after Adam's desobedience to God.

I believe that if feelings of lust come up in you brain, it isn't sinful in and and of itself. Sin begings according to our decision to act or think on those feelings.

Lovely greetings from Europe.
Lothars Sohn – Lothar’s son

Nicholas Leone said...

The above "Lothar Lorraine" is a religious modernist who is spamming Christian blogs in order to promote his own blog (he leaves his blog URL every time). I've also seen him do it at Triablogue.

"Lothar" left a comment on Jordan Cooper's blog saying:

"Hello, I believe that James White is a kind person in many respects. However, he does have some horrible beliefs, like God pre-determining some men to rape women for his own glory.
I hope he'll give them up sooner or later, for he is leading many people astray with this kind of teaching." [End of Quote]

In addition to the above libel, "Lothar" has even worse things to say on his own blog:

"I am a Christian and I feel really sorry for all the homosexuals who have suffered under the persecution of many churches during two thousand years of Christian history. I also deeply empathize with all current Christian homosexuals who are often experiencing a true emotional ordeal by being taught that their sexuality, one part of their very being they never chose, is inherently sinful. I do believe there is a need for much more churches to clearly affirm that homosexual lifestyle isn’t bad in and of itself, as long as one strives for a lifelong relationship" [End of Quote]

And this:

"It is generally thought that Jesus agreed with everything standing in the Old Testament, like the genocide of the Amalekites, the wives of dead soldiers being killed by the Israelites being forced to marry the murderers of their husbands, adulterers being put to death, and so on and so forth. I don’t view the Bible as a set of truths having fallen from Heaven, but as a human book describing the experience (or lack thereof) of real people with God. But they wrote down their thoughts and experiences using their worldview and their Ancient-Near-Eastern understanding.
Without denigrating these people, it is a fact they were both materially and morally primitive...Now, back to our present concern. I believe that in Jesus, God lived, died and rose from the dead. But in order for him to be fully human and not some kind of super-spirits like many Gnostics thought, he had to give up his all-power, his omniscience (all-knowledge), also with respect to spiritual and moral issues. I know this might sound blasphemous to quite few of my readers, but asserting the contrary would turn Jesus into a super-human." [End of Quote]

"Lothar" isn't the only one who does this. There is also a "Steve Finnell" leaving spam comments all over the (mostly Christian) blogosphere in order to promote his blog, and I've seen other cases of this as well.

The best thing to do is to simply delete these people.

Ken said...

There is a difference between natural desire for the opposite sex that is not sinful, but there is a line crossed when the person fantasizes . . .

Jesus is condemning the sexual fantasy in Matthew 5:28.

Ken said...

Nicholas - thanks for the warning about him and exposing some of his comments.