Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Luther and the Scriptures by J.M. Reu

One helpful book I've had in my personal library for many years is J.M. Reu's Luther and the Scriptures. My copy was rather expensive. The book has been posted as a pdf before, but vanished almost as quickly as it was posted. Once again, the pdf has resurfaced:

J.M Reu Luther and the Scriptures

I suggest saving a copy. Also, in regard to this subject see:

Arthur Skevington Wood: Luther:Captive to the Word

John Warwick Montgomery: Luther on Inerrancy

R.Preus: Luther and Biblical Infallibility

Melanchthon: The Primacy of Scripture

R. Preus: Luther: Word, Doctrine, Confession

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Brigitte said...

I a have a printed out copy on the shelf and should reread it. It could be retyped in a little better format.