Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Homosexuality and the Campaign for Immorality (Selected Scriptures)

Also: Al Mohler on today's Supreme Court Decisions. 

Furthermore: Denny Burk on the sweeping nature of the DOMA decision. 

"Enemies of the Human Race"


Brigitte said...

Truth without veneer. And biblical.

Brigitte said...

Except I wonder what he would say to someone struggling with breaking free and with other sin. Since we are all simul justus et peccator, and the one with the wandering eye is also an adulterer, etc., what do you say to the person struggling and falling? His examples are all with people facing death. It's a little simpler then.

How do you prevent a complete despair in the one who has an ongoing battle?

I have heard a Lutheran pastor talk about it this way: when he has a person under his care who has a past of homosexual activity and wants to quit, who comes to him confessing, then he just needs to start over. Forgive him (her), commune him (her), and speak to them in a way that will send them on the right road. But often this is not simple and immediate, but rather wrenching and difficult.

Brigitte said...

Maybe seventy times seven is what needs to be mentioned.

Ken said...

A humble and broken person over their own sins, like a person who genuinely struggles with same-sex attractions and lusts, but does not act upon them, and is not an activist nor trying to change society nor trying to redefine marriage - the difference is huge.

The problem that McArthur and other conservative Christians and other conservatives are addressing is the active campaigning for "same sex marriage" to be legal and trying to use the Bible to say what it really doesn't say.

But there is lots of grace and mercy for someone who struggles with same sex attractions, but confesses they are wrong, and walks in humility and brokenness and does not act on those desires.

Romans 8:20-23 shows us that we all have different aspects of brokenness and sinful tendencies - whether it be heterosexual lust, gluttony, anger, laziness, pride, jealousy, or homosexual lust.

Christians are to battle against those sinful desires and don't give up.

Brigitte said...

Yes, Ken. And here is also a good article giving a very cogent argument and also secular reasoning regarding human rights and homosexual "marriage".

Ken said...

This looks like a good book that I just now noticed. I watched the video and he seems to communicate what I thing most Biblical Christians are trying to communicate.