Monday, June 03, 2013

Clever satire exposing heresies of the Trinity

I thought this was clever and funny:

Since the Trinity is unique and the incarnation of the Son of God is unique, no analogy can fully illustrate the Trinity, or "Trinitas Unitas" or the incarnation and hypostatic union.  (the point made by James White, in his excellent critique of William Lane Craig using the Greek mythology three-headed dog of Cerberus for the Trinity and the modern movie of Avatar as an illustration of the incarnation and hypostatic union of the 2 natures of Christ.

HT:  From a Lutheran blogger.  (John the Lutheran)

Which I discovered by looking at a Conservative Anglican blogger who goes by Cranmer, here.   (Which I discovered by debating Muslims, when the issue came up that churches are dying in England and Muslims with lots of oil wealth from Saudi and Kuwait are buying up old and dead churches. )

About the Cranmer blog:  It is nice to see a conservative Anglican who believes in historic Christianity, and condemns racism, hatred, and bigotry; and also condemns political correctness; and also stands for Christian morality and conservative Christian positions in political matters.  Refreshing!


Brigitte said...

Lutheran Satire-Pastor Hans Fiene (the creator of this video)-has many clever videos covering doctrinal topics.

James Swan said...

Thanks, an interesting clip, maybe good for teaching at a youth group.