Wednesday, May 08, 2013

James White vs. Tim Staples on BAM

I recently re-listened to the first White / Staples debate on Sola Scriptura: Is The Bible the Only Infallible Rule of Faith? This debate is from 1996. If you listen to this debate, you'll hear references to an earlier discussion between James and Tim on the Bible Answer Man show. I had never heard this before, so I tracked it down: The Roman Catholicism Debate on BAM (White vs Staples - I). This is a lively discussion as well. It's an inexpensive downloadable mp3.  Since it's an old recording, for best sound results, lower the bass frequencies and raise the highs.

I mention this old discussion because it serves as a reminder that Dr. White was interacting with Roman apologists long before many of us even cared. His argumentation back in 1996 (probably a lot of it compiled without the Internet or "e books" or gizmos) was excellent, both in this discussion, and in his debate with Tim.

Addendum #1
In the BAM discussion, you'll hear a basic outline of the White vs. Staples Purgatory debate, many years before the debate actually happened. This is the 2010 debate Catholic Answers has no interest making available.

Addendum #2
During this 1996 BAM show, Iron Sharpens Iron host Chris Arnzen called in to explain to Tim Staples how to beat the "old" James White in debate. Click to hear the answer.


Ken said...

I still have the James White vs. Tim Staples on the Bible Answer Man program on cassette tape somewhere.

I also have the discussion on BAM that Dr. White had with James Akin on Cassette Tape.

But all our old cassette tape players are gone . . . can't find one.

James Swan said...

I have the 2nd time Staples /White were on BAM on cassette. In fact, I think I recorded them right from BAM. The one I'm referring to here is from 1996. I'm about half way through it.

Likewise, I have a lot of cassettes. The problem is if you don't use the players, the belts disintegrate. Certainly players are still available, but what I've done is when someone is throwing one out, I take it if it looks high end, or I'll pick one up at a garage sale. Also the cassettes themselves will eventually disintegrate if they aren't stored properly.

My Technics turntable, purchased in 1983, recently stopped working, and all it was was a belt that had disintegrated. It cost about ten bucks to fix. I know the rave is the USB turntables, but my old Technics works fine, and it's plugged right into my computer's line in jack.

Rhology said...

I ripped all the cassettes I wanted to keep to mp3 already. Good thing too - several of them were in bad shape.

Any chance you could rip that BAM show to mp3? I'd like to listen.

James Swan said...

The cost for the 1996 mp3 from the aomin store is like... 2 bucks. The 2nd BAM show I have on cassettes is probably under 5 bucks.

Ken said...

How does one "rip" a cassette recording onto MP3 ?

Rhology said...

Oh, OK; I thought the 2nd one wasn't available at the AOMin store. My mistake.

James Swan said...

I have an old computer I use with a line in jack, and a software that records.

I've transferred a number of LP's a cassettes to mp3. There's also a software for new computers that allows one to do the same thing. I have a program by Roxio that does cassette to mp3 and VHS to DVD.

Ken said...

This may be a dumb question, but - I would assume this is true - that the cassette must be played from a cassette player while it is being recorded into the computer with the converting software -

So here goes the dumb question -
Does it require the cassette to played in a cassette player and a connecting wire/line/jack to the computer?

Rhology said...

Yep. I have a male-to-male cable for that.

James Swan said...

The way I do it is i hold the cassette in my left hand, and a Kenneth Hagin book in the other. I then look at the cassette and say: "BE TRANSFERRED TO MP3" So, I speak the transfer into existence.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Yes, you need to have a cassette deck with some sort of output, even if it's just a headphone jack. You then have to play the cassette and record it on your computer.

If it's something important, you can send me the tape and I'll do it for you.

Ken said...

I knew it was a dumb question!


Algo said...


The Roman Catholicism Debate on BAM (White vs Staples - I)


Roman Catholicism on BAM (White vs Staples - II)

James Swan said...

Thanks Algo!