Sunday, February 10, 2013

The North American Magisterium: Catholic Answers, last stop before Purgatory

I've sometimes referred Catholic Answers as the North American Magisterium. Consider this e-mail I just received from Catholic Answers. Catholic Answers has "had the Pope's back for more than three decades." I don't recall the Pope appointing them his official defender.  Also, note the pitch at the end: you can keep Catholic Answers "in mind" before you arrive in purgatory.

Bragging a little about coming in second place may sound odd, but we want you to know that Catholic Answers’ website,, is the second most visited website in Catholic cyberspace.

“What’s the most visited site?”

I knew you’d ask. Well, it’s the Pope’s website, If Catholic Answers has to come in second place, we’re happy to be behind the Holy Father. In fact, we’ve had the Pope’s back for the more than three decades we have been defending and sharing the Catholic Faith. Loyalty to the Holy Father and loyalty to the Magisterium are two of the hallmarks of Catholic Answers.

Our loyalty does not mean that some friendly rivalry is not called for. Our website is gaining on the Holy See’s.


Just a couple of weeks ago we added our new Catholic Answers Blog. With four or five daily posts from the likes of Karl Keating, Jimmy Akin, Tim Staples, Trent Horn, Matt Fradd, Patrick Coffin, Michelle Arnold, and Peggy Frye, we have been drawing many more visitors to our site.

In fact, our unique visitor count has gone up by 20%! So check out our new blog right on the front page of, and do continue to pray for us and keep Catholic Answers in mind as you make your estate plans.


RPV said...

All aboard!

Man, you can't make this stuff up.

Rooney said...

I have heard that the post Vatican II Magisterium is quite "liberal" today.

The Catholic Answers leaders look fundamentalistic, so do they 100% agree with the Magisterium, especially in liberal areas? or do they not comment?

michael said...

Quite myopic of them seeing I suppose they didn't see it coming, the breaking news that pope Benedict 16 is resigning? Not sure how watching or had his back did Rome any good?

Rhology said...

Have they ever given a reason for their existence as an organisation?

James Swan said...

I suppose they didn't see it coming, the breaking news that pope Benedict 16 is resigning?

It certainly doesn't appear they did. While Rome is working at getting a new Pope, I think Karl Keating should be the acting pope till things get sorted out.

RPV said...

Yeah, this was performatively prescient. Talk about courting the call/blowing your own tin horn and praises. We've reached new heights.