Friday, January 25, 2013

Liberal Media hypocrisy

I realize that if someone has to explain a joke or political cartoon, then it looses it's point.  So I changed the original title and took out too much explanation of the cartoon; and now just want to let the cartoon speak for itself. 

  I was recovering from dental work on three teeth and decided to watch and listen to the live streaming of the Benghazi hearings and Secretary of state Hillary Clinton's testimony, while I did some light office work.  

The Benghazi hearings were painful to listen to and watch - all the Democrats on both sides of the Congress waisted their 5 minutes with praise and fawning over Hillary Clinton and no Democrat asked one tough question; not one.  Many questions still remain unanswered.  Only conservative media is asking the tough questions - oh, and a few Republican Senators and Representatives.   But I learned why the American people don't like Congress much at all.  Those that take the time to watch them on live streaming or C-Span type of coverage, are finding out why we are in so much debt and how our tax money is being wasted at an incredibly massive scale.

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