Monday, January 28, 2013

The Holy Rosary

So how many holy Rosaries does it take to get Joe Biden excommunicated?


Rooney said...

Some say that it is sinful to imagine God or Jesus using mental imagery, because we dont know what they look like in reality and so we shouldnt imagine them, if in case we "insult" them.
Thus, looks like when people pray the rosary, they cannot imagine any member of the Trinity, though one of those Sedevacantist websites tell you to imagine them.

BTW: How do Orthodox view the rosary?

Rhology said...

I've met numerous EOdox and RCs who don't even care whether they picture God the Father.

Rooney said...

I saw a very depressing picture of the Father and Son crowning the "Queen of Heaven" on someone's wallpaper on their Youtube channel. How on earth do they get the idea that God looks like that?
There must have been someone who decided from the beginning that the Father is some oldish strong man with a beard.
How do they justify making such paintings/mental imageries if they have never seen God the Father?

Rhology said...

I honestly don't know how they justify that.

RPV said...

Isn't this kind of like asking how many bullets can a magazine carry before it becomes a mortal sin?
You know. Like the 'angels on the head of a pin' rhetorical exercise of the obscurantist Middle Ages.

And like where is the infallible magisterium/Office of Morals on our favorite Dim buffoon who plays second fiddle to the Abortionist in Chief anyway?

FTM the most perceptive analysis of Biden's role I have seen is at:
He exemplifies what the Sacred Cow of MultiCultural Diversity has come to trample upon with a vengeance.

Anonymous said...

So how many holy Rosaries does it take to get Joe Biden excommunicated?