Friday, January 18, 2013

Recently from Robert Sungenis...

Over on The Bellarmine Report (the website of Roman apologist Robert Sungenis), he has an article entitled, "Blessed Virgin Mary Survives Sandy the Whoricanne."  Can someone explain to me why he used the word "whoricanne"? He also is posting stuff that the Sandy Hook massacre may be a hoax, or something.

Also, in an older entry the website reports Mr. Sungenis has done a new book on Mary. Here's what I found interesting:
#4 Robert Sungenis 2012-05-21 13:46The book will be available for sale from this website toward the end of May. It will also be available form John Salza, and from Fr. Gruner's Fatima apostolate, since he is the publisher. Fr. Gruner will actually be printing 50,000 copies of the book so he can send them to all the bishops and priests of the world. Hopefully, this will move them all to put pressure on the Vatican to finally do the consecration of Russia and stop making excuse for past failures. It is the only thing that is going to change this present world that is headed for hell in a hand-basket.  

Now, I don't keep up with who's who in Romanism, but I do recall that Fr. Gruner is considered "fringe" (for lack of a better term) by mainstream Roman Catholics. This 2002 article on EWTN states:
Finally, in recent years there has been a certain lack of clarity regarding the priestly status of Fr. Gruner. According to the the Congregation for the Clergy, his priestly faculties (jurisdiction permitting celebration of the sacraments) have been suspended and his appeal of that suspension rejected by the highest Church court, the Apostolic Signature. However, I understand that he continues to publicly celebrant the sacraments, justifying it by arguments for the canonical invalidity of his suspension. What efforts he is making to settle this matter is not known.
Then searching around a bit I found this:
Thursday, September 13, 2001: CONGREGATION ISSUES DECLARATION ON SUSPENDED PRIEST VATICAN CITY, SEP 13, 2001 (VIS) – The following declaration was released yesterday afternoon by the Congregation for the Clergy. It was signed by Cardinal Dario Castrillon Hoyos, congregation prefect, and by Archbishop Csaba Ternyak, secretary. “The Holy See has received several news reports concerning the so-called Conference for Peace in the World, which is being planned for Rome for October 7 to 13 and which has been organized by Fr. Nicholas Gruner of Canada. “The Congregation for the Clergy, upon the mandate from a higher authority, wishes to state that Rev. Nicholas Gruner is under an ‘a divinis’ suspension, which has been confirmed by a definitive sentence of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature. “The activities of Fr. Gruner, therefore, including the above-mentioned conference, do not have the approval of legitimate ecclesiastical authorities.”
So, Mr. Sungenis seems to by allying himself with a suspended priest these days.


Matthias said...

my cousin currently writing a book on the perils of Romanism and Freemasonry,believes that the Port Arthur Massacre here in Australia ,in 1996 was a military exercise.
He should meet this clown and they could swap yarns (stories)

Rooney said...

I think that many RCs still look up a lot to Sungenis.

Do they have any apologists better than him? Though I have never heard any of Sungenis' debates, I wouldn't mind watching a good RC apologist taking on Atheists and Muslims.

I read that some RCs that Sungenis has *NEVER* lost a single debate.

Ken said...

Sungenis does a great job showing the errors of protestantism. He does a poor job just about everywhere else. lol

Ken said...

That's a different Ken than me!

James Swan said...

dueling ken's!