Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Catholic Answers Succumbs to the Protestant Practice of the "Cruise"

The 2013 Catholic Answers Cruise: http://www.catholicanswerscruise.com/

The 2012 Roman Catholic Dissenter: Why "Catholic Cruises" are not a good idea.


Tom R said...

To really ice the cake, Nick should add a timeline showing when the pagan practice of "the cruise" was introduced into Protestantism, similarities with pagan practices ("... in Homer's 'Odyssey', Ulysses invokes the protection of Zeus while sailing the seas in a boat..."), and post hoc ergo propter hoc connections to aspects of modern secular culture (I'm surprised this http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0080569/ didn't get a mention).

Nick seems to provoked a debate over his interpretation among his co-religionists. Catholics really, really need some kind of fixed written document that sets down their core doctrines in a way that no future Pope can tinker with. They could borrow a term from Hollywood screenwriting and call this document a "bible"...

Rooney said...

Couldnt they just email the Magisterium? Do they actually trust it enough to use it?

Nick said...

How is this even worth posting about? I simply gave some thoughts about cruises, which has nothing to do with one's orthodoxy.

If you're really interested in what I post, you should address some of my exegetical posts on Romans 4.

James Swan said...


I posted your link because I found your comments on cruises interesting, and... bold: you directly attacked the North American infallible Magisterium. Kudos to you!

Rooney said...

Really? I didnt know that Catholic Answers was an infallible magisterium. Which part of it? the publications or the forums?

I saw some fallible stuff in the forums with people seemingly denying that most will go to Hell in one thread, then in another thread, people are saying the opposite.

Why is Catholic answers a "magisterium" anyway??

James Swan said...

Sure... Catholic Answers is the infallible interpreter of the Roman Magisterium for us folks in North America.

That is, we don't have to actually read what popes or councils have said, we need only to consult with Catholic Answers to explain to us what Rome really means.

Imagine if they didn't do this, why we would have to actually interpret what the church teaches... on our own... and then everyone would simply come up with his own interpretation of what the church teaches.

I thought everyone knew this.