Monday, November 05, 2012

Mark Shea... Oops on Luther and the Immaculate Conception

Sorry Mark, the first quote has been debunked for quite a few years now. I originally took this bit of Luther propaganda apart in 2003. You can read a detailed explanation here.  You can read about the second quote here.

And while we're on the topic of Luther's Mariology, back in 2007 you put out this blunder about Luther's tomb supporting Mariology. I suggest sticking to defending your Romanism rather than exegeting Luther. That is, "instead of ignorantly and reflexively regurgitating" pop-apologetic Romanist propaganda about Luther posted on the Internet,  why not do a little homework first?


Hadassah said...

All my years of relationship with Jesus have given me a lot of discernment in the Spirit. This kind of vocabulary and use of the language by Mr. Shea is 1º of all unspiritual, uncharitable, worldly and rude.
Secondly, even if Luther had believed in the Immaculate Conception, so what? that doesn't prove an iota that that teaching comes from the Holy Spirit. It doesn't constitute grounds to even begin to believe that that is sound doctrine and apostolic teaching. Do they forget that we believe in Sola Scriptura?? Luther is not infallible.

I truly encourage my brethren in Christ not to descend to his level of worldiness and not to use his language to reply this absurd argument.-

James Swan said...

Well, I give Mr. Shea credit for at least not using profanity... this time.

Speaking of which, Mr. Shea has been a helpful Romanist apologist in that area: whenever a Roman Catholic complains of Luther's occasional use of unacceptable language, my question in return is: "Why not clean your own house first, starting with your own self-professed apologists, and then we'll talk about Luther?" I've yet to get a cogent response on that one.