Monday, October 29, 2012

In the Eye of the Storm...

According to just about every channel on my TV, I'm currently in a storm like no other.  Yes, I'm on the East coast, right in the path of Hurricane Sandy. This should be interesting.


Ken said...

I hope and pray you will be safe throughout this storm.

There is already a construction crane dangling from a high building in NYC.

Martin Yee said...

Hi James,

My prayers are with you and all Americans in the the path of this storm. Take care.

God's peace,

Scott said...

Be safe James... I'm supposed to fly into Buffalo tomorrow... winds aren't supposed to be too rough... lots of rain. Then on Thursday I'm driving to Norfolk.

James Swan said...


Thanks everybody.

We were without power for a few days, and did some battle to get gas for our cars and generator, but overall we were spared any real hardship.

I have a 100 year old slate roof, and I've been surprised to not find any slate in my yard, yet.

A lot of the Jersey shore- not at all far from my house, is of course in ruins. I actually spend most of my beach time in North Carolina, but I am familiar with many of the NJ beach areas that were hit.