Tuesday, September 04, 2012

This and that in the continuing cultural rot of the west

1.  Pornography
The Damaging effects on the male brain from pornography; and helps in overcoming it - the gospel, true salvation, The word of God, the power of the Holy Spirit, and the accountability of a Biblical local church.


2.  Muslims think Islam is the answer to the west's moral problem of homosexuality and the gay agenda of hijacking marriage.
Muslims argue that the only solution to the gay agenda is Islam, because the church has failed to address the deeper philosophy core in the nature of culture, spirituality, and secularism.  A pure secularism in the west could lead to Islam filling the vacuum.


3.  Why Islamophobia is a brilliant term: by Dennis Prager



"Whoever coined the term "Islamophobia" was quite shrewd. Notice the intellectual sleight of hand here. The term is not "Muslim-phobia" or "anti-Muslimist," it is Islam-ophobia -- fear of Islam -- yet fear of Islam is in no way the same as hatred of all Muslims. One can rightly or wrongly fear Islam, or more usually, aspects of Islam, and have absolutely no bias against all Muslims, let alone be a racist.
The equation of Islamophobia with racism is particularly dishonest. Muslims come in every racial group, and Islam has nothing to do with race. Nevertheless, mainstream Western media, Islamist groups calling themselves Muslim civil liberties groups and various Western organizations repeatedly declare that Islamophobia is racism."

It seems to me there are 4 kinds of fear:
1.  Sinful fear
2.  Legitimate human fear that is not sinful - of danger, of damaging effects.
3.  Irrational fears that paralyze and immobilize us  (which are also most of the time based on and rooted in sinful fear) 
4.  The godly fear of the Lord - Proverbs 1:7; 8:13; 9:10

4.  Historical perspective on separation of church and state:
Roger Williams, the baptist who argued for separation of church and state, and founder of the colony of Providence, which later became Rhode Island, influenced philosopher John Locke, who then influenced Thomas Jefferson later.  (concept of separation of church and state)

5.  Samuel Rutherford vs. Roger Williams 
Samuel Rutherford's refutation of Roger Williams' form of separation of church vs. state


Was Rutherford right?

Is there a way out of the mess that pure secularism and pluralism and political correctness and media bias and government controlled schools have given us?

6.  2 Kinds of Mental Illness:
2 kinds of mental illness - both the inmate and the judge. who wants tax-payers to pay for the mentally disturbed inmates' sex change operation.


All of this calls for an emotional breakout of singing Randy Stonehill's song:  "Stop the World, I wanna get off" -

"well it's ok to murder babies but we really ought to save the whales . . . "

 "right is wrong and wrong is right". (see Isaiah 5:20)

We cannot stop the world, only the Lord can.  He is coming one day to judge the living and the dead.  (2 Timothy 4:1)

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