Friday, September 07, 2012

Lecture by Jay Smith on Islam and History - Excellent Overview

Here is an excellent overview of the historical issues on Islam and the Qur'an by Jay Smith.  Jay has been saying these things for many years, but the film and book by Tom Holland have made this info more widespread.  The documentary film by Dr. Tom Holland, that was shown on British TV recently, and got strong reaction from many Muslims. Holland has also written a book, In The Shadow of the Sword. (see Below for details)

Jay Smith's Lecture:
The Historical Emergence of Islam

  Summary: In the past 20-30 years, there has been increased research and interest concerning exactly how Islam really began. The orthodox view of Islam’s beginnings comes to us from material written and compiled 200-300 years after the fact. Jay Smith has been working in this area of historical research for the past 17 years, debating it with Muslims scholars, to good effect. Two months ago a new book was published in the UK entitled ‘In the Shade of the Sword’, by Tom Holland, one of the most celebrated historians in the UK today. His book details some of the most provocative and exciting academic research concerning this area of study, paralleling much of the material Jay has been using in his debates. Since its release, the book has sent shock waves throughout the Muslim community in Europe, which will hopefully help a growing disillusionment in the veracity of Islam’s origins. Jay introduced and explained Holland’s findings, as well as the ramifications this will have on the foundations of Islam for the future.

The documentary programme by Dr. Tom Holland entitled ‘Islam The Untold Story’, which has now been uploaded to the following website:

  Islam: The Untold Story part 1:

  Islam: The Untold Story part 2: 

Some have asked about the book on which it is based. In the Shadow of the Sword, by Tom Holland.

Here is a news report on some of the Islamic reactions to the documentary .

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