Thursday, September 06, 2012

Democrats Expose Themselves for who they really are

Didn't sound like a 2/3 Yes vote to me – more like yes was about 40-45 % and the no vote sounded like 55-60 %. The moderator who pushed the yes vote through has egg on his face and may never recover from this. The Democrats have exposed themselves as an anti-God party and an anti-Israel party; along with their love for the sins of homosexuality, abortions, infanticide, pornography, Darwinian naturalistic Evolution; big government; sex-change operations; and a Dhimmi attitude toward Islam.


Bruce said...

I don't carry any water for these Demo-clowns, right?

But selective outrage is phony outrage.

Where was the disparaging comment on the Republo-jokes, when their gavel jockey just read his "the ayes have it" right off the teleprompter? Changed the rules in the middle of the show, just to shut down all dissent... people who played by the rules, and won their seats fair and square, and had invested a lot of themselves in "the process" that's supposed to ensure a fair hearing for everyone.

I'm not sure what's more disturbing: the idea that the whole D&R selection process is revealed as fake, and the band marches on; or the fact that each side' boosters for this circus save their mocking commentary for their "blue" or "red" lemmings.

Ken said...

You make a good point, Bruce;

It is great that we have the internet and people like you can point out the problems with the other side of the political process.

However, the way you framed it implied that I knew about "the ayes have it" on the other side ( I did not see that on the RNC side); and no one can cover everything; and that (being selective) is just the nature of media, etc.

My being selective has to do with just hearing about it as I was driving to church on Wednesday evening; and it being brought to my attention and then looking it up and finding it interesting to do a short post. You are right that I didn't think, "Ok, I need to find another example on the RNC side to balance it out" - that's Fox and NBC and CNN and ABCs job.

I still think the Democrats exposed a majority of what their party stands for - atheism, abortion, homosexuality, anti-Israel stances, etc.

But thanks for bringing in the balance.

Constantine said...

What we saw at the DNC is the greatest public example of voter fraud in history. And they were defrauded by themselves.

Rhology said...

Anyone who pretends that the RNC isn't also totally corrupt is ignorant or is deceiving themselves.

Don't base your vote on finding much of anything virtuous in either.

Ken said...

Unfortunately, we have no other choice.

Ken said...

Obama's economic policies and immoral stances on abortion and homosexuality make him and his policies worse than anything the Mormon Romney or the Roman Catholic Ryan would do or could do. They all need salvation in Christ, but we should vote for the one that would be better for the country and society; or the one that would not do as much harm. ( In my opinion)

Ken said...

A vote for a third party candidate or sitting home and not voting, is a vote for Obama.

Ken said...

Unless one is one of those African Americans who is upset with Barak Obama because of his stance on "same sex marriage" - and they are going to sit at home and not vote for him this time. That lessens his votes from last time.

But a conservative or libertarian or Reagan Democrat or Ron Paul-ite type who sits and home and doesn't vote, or a very conservative Christian who votes for another third party that is more conservative than Republicans, (like the Constitution Party or Ron Paul) - unfortunately, that is a vote for Obama.

Ken said...

But also, here is a good reminder from Al Mohler:

"Parents who raise their children with nothing more than Christian values should not be surprised when their children abandon those values. If the child or young person does not have a firm commitment to Christ and to the truth of the Christian faith, values will have no binding authority, and we should not expect that they would. Most of our neighbors have some commitment to Christian values, but what they desperately need is salvation from their sins. This does not come by Christian values, no matter how fervently held. Salvation comes only by the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Human beings are natural-born moralists, and moralism is the most potent of all the false gospels. The language of “values” is the language of moralism and cultural Protestantism — what the Germans called Kulturprotestantismus. This is the religion that produces cultural Christians, and cultural Christianity soon dissipates into atheism, agnosticism, and other forms of non-belief. Cultural Christianity is the great denomination of moralism, and far too many church folk fail to recognize that their own religion is only cultural Christianity — not the genuine Christian faith.

The language of values is all that remains when the substance of belief disappears. Tragically, many churches seem to perpetuate their existence by values, long after they abandon the faith.

We should not pray for Christian morality to disappear or for Christian values to evaporate. We should not pray to live in Sodom or in Vanity Fair. But a culture marked even by Christian values is in desperate need of evangelism, and that evangelism requires the knowledge that Christian values and the gospel of Jesus Christ are not the same thing."

Al Mohler

"Christian Values Cannot Save Anyone"

Leelnd said...


I don't understand the concept that no vote is a vote for Obama. How does my vote become a vote for Obama exactly?

I your pragmatic voting gets a society where we are today. Voting for lesser of two evils is pragmatism. I think as Christians we are called to vote based on principles.

Based on principles I can't vote for either (I consider Romney Mormonism just as I would Obama's liberal Christian/Muslim humanism), for they both are essentially socialists.

The way people treat the presidential election show that we are addicted to centralizing of power which will ultimately result in some form of dictatorship and tyranny.

Ken said...

I hear you and as a Christian, I have wrestled with voting on principle vs. pragmatism (lesser of two evils) several times in last few elections. During the nominating process, it is easier to vote based more on principle, but then after the year long nominating process, when pretty much half the country has gone with one who is not the one you wanted, there is no other choice.

If enough conservatives (Christian and moral conservatives, etc.) just stay home and don't vote at all - then Obama would win, it seems to me.

Like when Ross Perot took so many votes away from the Rep. candidate and then Bill Clinton won with only 43 % (something like that - I am just going by memory)

call it pragmatism, common sense, whatever.

there are just not enough principled moral issue conservatives in our country to overtake the numbers for a win. I can't see it happening.

I can see where you would think Obama's policies have socialist tendencies, but cannot understand calling what Romney and Ryan have articulated as 'socialist".

Leelnd said...


Why pick and choose when to be principled or pragmatic? I say that is how we get into this mess. By compromising on principles at any point. Just seems inconsistent to me.

I just look at Romney's record as Governor of Mass. with socialistic medical care and he still believes in big government solutions (socialistic) for many policies. Ryan does as well. I don't have a place for rhetoric.

It is not like either candidate is going to change the downward (or upward as in size?) direction of government. So why compromise? A principled minority will be better served by putting their efforts/money to local governments and discipleship of our communities. Their are greater opportunities here.

The solution to thwarting big government tyranny is principled local government and State Government. If you try to do it from the top down, then it is just tyranny in the name of conservatism.

I still don't see how not voting for 1 is a vote for the other. The percentage and number of votes will still be the same for the liberal. I'm fine with my statement of voting for a 3rd candidate or a none vote. It just shows how awful the choices are and hopefully with an awful showing for Romney maybe a righteous candidate will be raised up.

If we continue to vote for lesser of two evils, why would we expect anything to change? We will just get more and more evil choices because we show that we are not willing to stand against it.

Ken said...

You may be right as to how we got into this mess. It will take a long time to untangle that yarn.

For now, we have to stop Obama Care, and Romney clearly said that the Massachusetts Health Care plan was for a state, but it is not right for the Federal Gov. and he clearly said he would repeal it. That's good for me and better than letting Obama win.

Plus, I think that someone can change (repent) of their former position or policy. For all I know, he seems sincere in the issues. Obviously, his Mormonism is wrong, a cult, and a false religion; but we are not voting for pastor.

You wrote:
"I just look at Romney's record as Governor of Mass. with socialistic medical care and he still believes in big government solutions (socialistic) for many policies. Ryan does as well. I don't have a place for rhetoric."

I cannot see that at all. Already mentioned the Mass. health care thing. I don't see anything else that comes close to any socialism from him or Ryan.

Again, if several thousand conservatives and Christians vote for Ron Paul or the constitution Party or nothing (stay at home) - then Obama will win. That is unacceptable. He deserves to loose his job, just as Clint Eastwood and many others have said. (though he was crass/dirty in his innuendo - (not good - a violation of Ephesians 5:3-11, but he does not claim to be a Christian, I don't think) - he was good on the issue of economics and defense.

Ken said...

A principled minority will be better served by putting their efforts/money to local governments and discipleship of our communities. Their are greater opportunities here.

I can agree with that in principle, especially if it starts with local church evangelism, discipleship and outreach;

but not neglecting the larger issues also - that we need to vote for the better candidate. At this time, ObamaCare health care must be stopped, as also the pro-abortion policies and the pro-homosexual agenda, higher taxes, deficit, debt, spending, and political correctness in dealing with Islamic radicals, etc. Romney and Ryan seem to articulate consistency on all of those issues.