Thursday, August 09, 2012

Did God really say? (Part 2)

Another excellent panel discussion - this time on Inerrancy at the T4G (Together for the Gospel) conference back in April of this year.  I don't think I noticed the title of this one, "Inerrancy:  Did God Really Say?" - before I gave the same title to the article on Egalitarianism and Homosexuality and their discussion at T4g.  See Did God Really Say? (Genesis 3:1) (Part 1)

Participants were Mark Dever, Peter Williams, Simon Gathercole, John Piper, Al Mohler, and Ligon Duncan.

They start off by reading from the first 3 articles about what T4G believes about the Bible, under the "Affirmations and Denials" at the web-site.

Mark Dever points out that the phrase "the Bible is the Sole Authority" means
"sole final authority"; "sole ultimate authority"; and Al Mohler says, "We mean sole authority in the sense of the Sola's of the Reformation; it's not a naked authority, but it is the ultimate authority."  I think they should have added, "The Bible is the sole infallible authority", just to be even more clear; and flesh out what other secondary authorities are - ancient creeds, doctrinal statements, confessions of faith, local church, godly and qualified pastors, teachers, elders, seminary professors, good Biblically based books and commentaries - these are secondary authorities that are not infallible.

The names of some who are mentioned in this discussion and yet claim to be evangelical but have abandoned Inerrancy are Kent Sparks and Peter Enns.   Triablogue has written a lot on Enns.   (Go there and do a search for specifics.)   Fuller Theological Seminary was mentioned that it was in 1971 that they took out the word "inerrancy" from their doctrinal statement.  Fuller Seminary has been on a downward slide ever since.

What is interesting to me is that it was Professor Jack Rogers (along with the book he wrote with Donald McKim against Inerrancy) who was one of the main ones, if not the main one, who took Fuller down that road.  He has in recent years (at least since 2001, maybe earlier) come out for "same sex marriage" and affirmation of homosexuality.  See here in his blog totally given over the abomination of homosexuality and so called "gay marriage" and ordination of homosexuals.  He seems to be one of the driving forces behind the liberalism and ordination of homosexuals in the PCUSA.  He served as the moderator of 213th General Assembly of the PCUSA.  The footnotes point to articles written in 2001.

 James Barr was another liberal scholar who attacked Inerrancy in the 1970s.  Muslims are today still using Barr's book today to attack the Bible.  (especially Paul Bilal Williams)

So, it does seem that there is a subtle connection at least some of the egalitarian movement ( In Did God Really Say? Part 1), the pro-homosexual agenda in liberal churches (not so subtle by Rogers and his web-site), and liberalism and the denial of inerrancy.  They seem to be connected; and they probably started with a subtle denial of inerrancy and grew from there.


Pete Holter said...

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Thanks for linking to this video. Is the Peter/Simon/Dirk DVD that gets mentioned at 40:24 available for viewing somewhere? The one that’s ”full of those kind of tweetable dates”? Ha ha.

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Ken said...

I googled "DVD, Williams, Gathercole, and Dirks" and found this (above). Apparently you can buy it, but I don't think all of it is available on the web.

One of Peter Williams lectures, which is very good, (and may the same content) is available on the web.

see here - scroll down -

and here:

Brigitte said...

Excellent points. Thanks.