Sunday, July 15, 2012

Luther and Romans 3:28

I was sent over this link from its author: Romans Chapter 3 Verse 28 (Updated). It's a well-constructed post examining the thrust of "alone" in Romans 3:28. Most interesting are the different renderings in different languages of the verse. Well done!

Martin Yee (Lutheran Theology Study Group) has a concise post up on the same subject: Sola Fide - Luther's justified by faith "alone" in Romans 3:28.


Martin Yee said...

Hi James,

Thanks for this stupendous link.

This should be enough to refute any Romanist still harping on Luther's translation of Romans 3:28.But I guess this sort of allegation will still continue.


James Swan said...

Thanks for your recent post Martin, I added that to this blog entry.

natamllc said...

Talk about putting a sock in one's mouth! That linked to article is like pouring quick set concrete down the throat of the RCC belief about Luther!

Ken said...

Yours was really good also, James - that you wrote in 2006. (smile)

James Swan said...

Thanks Ken- I will say this, it's a lot easier to find this sort of information now then when I searched it out many years back. The work of Fitzmyer typically shut down every Roman apologist I came in contact with, so the kudos should go to him!

My entry from 2006 was the result of stuff I had worked out a few years earlier while on the CARM discussion boards.

Joe said...

Interestingly enough, Rome does embrace some form of "faith alone" per the Pope:

"Being just simply means being with Christ and in Christ. And this suffices. Further observances are no longer necessary. For this reason Luther's phrase: "faith alone" is true, if it is not opposed to faith in charity, in love."

It would seem as the oft used James 2 rebuttal would be greatly, if not totally, diminished and invalid now.

I also concur with Ken...that your article/info has been a big asset and I have been able to show many RC's (as surprised as they are) in sharing this info to them.

In Him,