Sunday, April 22, 2012

Why We All Think The Same

For all of you theologians / musicians out there, a good friend of mine recently shared this clip with me:

I think there are some implications here in regard to religious experience, particularly for those folks who claim supernatural sorts of Pentecostal experience in a church service.


Andrew said...

People do tend to experience what they expect to experience. It is an inference subconsciously drawn, I think, from our ability to make rational decisions from inference. This is a key tool in the bag of tricks of the peddler of false religious experiences. Funny how God normally works through means which are so ordinary that they seem unexpected and foolish to the carnal mind.

Anonymous said...

It was a reformed panel behind him, note the laughter. Cool clip

James Swan said...

The thing about this clip... while it is amazing, it isn't that unfathomable from a North American perspective. I would be interested in seeing such an experiment done with some sort of tribe in Africa, or someone in India... that is, someone not infected from birth with Western sound.

PeaceByJesus said...

The Scriptures are like a wind orchestra, with many instruments, each with its own a distinctive but complimentary sound, with all playing by Divine breath, and making harmony according to the Divine conductor, that great symphony of glory, honor and praise unto God.

And the body of Christ in its complimentary diversity is also to sing the same, though it has not the same quality now.