Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Placing Luther and the Pope on the Hatred Scale

From the CARM boards:
"Often we hear that Luther’s attitude was similar to that of his contemporaries. Nothing could be further from the truth. Anti-Semitism, or anti-Jewishness was the rule rather than the exception in medieval Europe. Many of even the leading scholars and theologians were shockingly anti-Jewish. But in fact, NOBODY came even close to Luther in their hatred. As we have seen in his “recommendations” for the Papists, Anabaptists, Peasants, etc, he displays a level of hatred that we have NEVER seen from any other theologian of any other age."
I'm curious as to where the following is placed on the "hatred scale":

The Catholic Encyclopedia:

"The early Roman pontiffs of the sixteenth century had Jewish physicians and were favorable to the Jews and the Maranos of their states. Time soon came, however, when the Sephardic Jews of Italy fared differently. As early as 1532, the accusation of child murder nearly entailed the extermination of the Jews of Rome. In 1555, Paul IV revived the ancient canons against the Jews which forbade them the practice of medicine, the pursuit of high commerce, and the ownership of real estate. He also consigned them to a Ghetto, and compelled them to wear a Jew badge. In 1569, Pius IV expelled all the Jews from the Pontifical States, except Rome and Ancona. Sixtus V (1585-1590) recalled them; but, soon after him, Clement VIII (1592-1605) banished them again partially, at the very moment when the Maranos of Italy lost their last place of refuge in Ferrara. Similar misfortunes befell the Jewish race in other states of Italy as the Spanish domination extended there: Naples banished the Jews in 1541; Genoa, in 1550; Milan, in 1597. Hence-forward, most Sephardic fugitives simply passed through Italy when on their way to the Turkish Empire."

This sort of thing is probably OK for this Roman Catholic world because of where it falls on the "hatred scale." That is, actually doing all the things that were actually done by the papacy to the Jews isn't nearly as bad as Luther writing a few harsh paragraphs at the end of his life that weren't carried out.

Now, I think this particular Roman Catholic's "hatred scale" argument qualifies to receive the award for "the best worst apologetic argument of the year" against Luther so far this year.

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